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Audio Launch - Bommarillu
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July 17, 2006
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Audio of Siddardha’s latest Telugu film ‘Bommarillu’ was released in the wooden song set erected in a floor of Padmalaya studios on the night of 15th July. Dil Raju who produced three consecutive blockbusters - Dil, Arya and Bhadra - is producing this film in the direction of debutant Bhaskar.

NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun and Ileana attended this function as guests. Allu Arjun and Siddardha released the audio and gave it to Prabhas, Ileana and NTR. MS Raju, ML Kumar Chowdary, Pokuri Babu Rao and Surender Reddy also attended this function.

Actor Ravi Varma (Vennela fame) said, “I always wanted to play good characters. I am doing the role of hero’s friend in this film. Director exploited the feelings and explored the relationships between various characters of the film. This kind of sweet film did not come in the last 15 years.”

Script is the driving force - Dil Raju
Producer Dil Raju said, “Bommarillu is coming after the hatrick hit of Dil, Arya and Bhadra. Music of our earlier film Bhadra was not as good as Arya. But I can confidently say that audio of Bommarillu will be as good as Arya. The script of Bommarillu is the driving force behind making this film. I always give the credit of success to my team. Vasu who worked as co-director for this film is behind my success. Siddardha, Genelia and Prakash Raj are going to lighten the screen up with their performances.”

Dil Raju aimed this film for 175 days - Siddardha
Actor Siddardha said, “MS Raju is my Godfather and NVNV will remain to be my best film even if I do 100 more films in the future. They made Pakijah film for 13 years in Hindi in order to achieve perfection and it went on to become an all time classic. Bommarillu film took 8 months. People say that its lot of time. But our producer Dil Raju aimed this film for 175 days and took so much care to achieve that quality. I sang a very important song of this film.”

Actor Allu Arjun said that Devi Sri Prasad did a rocking job. He also commended that he never attended such a lively audio function in his entire life.

We have many stars, but very few actors - NTR
Actor NTR said, “Telugu film industry need films like Bommarillu to be hits. Bhaskar narrated a story to me much before taking up Bommarillu project. I am very much impressed with his work. Dil Raju’s movies speak for him. Siddardha is a man of many talents. He can direct, act, write and sing. There are many stars in the film industry, but there are very few actors. Siddardha is one among those few actors present in Telugu film industry today. Devi Sri Prasad has done a super job by providing great music.”

Suma anchored the event and Supreme music bought the audio rights.

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