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Music launch - Dasavatharam
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April 30, 2008


Music launch of Kamalahassan’s latest film Dasavatharam was held at 7 pm on 25th of April with a budget of 70 crores. Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi presided over the event. Jackie Chan, Amitab Bachchan, Vijay, Mammooty, Kamal Hassan, Asin, Mallika Sherawat, Hema Malini and Jayaprada also attended the event as guests.

Oscar Ravi Chandran donated 5 lakhs to CM relief fund on this eve.

I want to act with Kamal – Jackie Chan
International star Jackie Chan said, “I saw a few scenes in Dasavatharam. They are extraordinary. It is a wonderful feat for any actor to don 10 roles. I would like to act with Kamal Hassan for a film. Everybody calls me superstar. But I honestly feel that Amitab Bachchan should be called as superstar.”

Only Kamal could do it – Amitab Bachchan
Amitab Bachchan said, “Kamal surprises everybody with variety characters. Dasavatharam would remain as a wonder in Indian film industry. I saw a portion of the film. And I can confidently say that only Kamal could do a film like Dasavatharam. I feel proud to attend this function.”

Dasavatharam is synonymous with the word wonder – M Karunanidhi
Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi said, “Oscar Ravi Chandran made this film on high standards. This is the first time globally an actor doing 10 roles in the same film. Kamal Hassan has created a record already. I saw few parts of the film and I must say that Dasavatharam would give a new meaning to the word wonder. It is happy to see Jackie Chan gracing this occasion. Both Jackie and Kamal were born in the year of 1954. Jackie Chan was born on 7 July and Kamal on 7 November.”

Mammootty said that this record of 10 roles would remain forever.

Dasavatharam will run for 100 days – Vijay
Tamil hero Vijay said, “When I do a role, I do some home work by visiting and observing the people who are in those professions like police or lawyer. But when Kamal does a role, those professionals come to watch him so that they could emulate him in the real life. That is the greatness of Kamal Hassan. He is my guru for acting. I am sure that my guru will make many more wonders in film industry. I am very sure of the sensational success of the film and I wish that Dasavatharam would run for an year.”

It is a landmark in my career – Kamal Hassan
Hero Kamal Hassan said, “It is not a great task to do 10 roles in a film. But it takes a lot to do all these 10 roles in a convincing manner. There is stuff in the story. Director and the unit are very passionate about this film. This film will leave a pleasant and wonderful memories to all those who watched it. The producer made this film with no compromise. This film will remain as a landmark in my career. I want to act with Jackie Chan too. I had 37 fractures in my career while doing stunt sequences. I am sure that I would not have such mishaps when I act with Jackie.”

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