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Golimar music launch
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5 May 2010

Music of Gopichand’s Golimar in the direction of Puri Jagan was launched at a function organized in Club Jayabheri on the night of 5 May. This function is attended by Bellamkonda Suresh, VV Vinayak, Seenu Vytla, Boyapati Seenu, Puri Jagan, Dil Raju, Bhogavally Prasad, ML Kumar Chowdary, DVV Danayya, Pokuri Babu Rao, Paruchuri Prasad, Kiriti, Dayanand, Chakri, Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar, Vijay, Shyam K Naidu, Chakri, Chinna, Vasu, Simha, Kousalya, Priyamani, Prabhas, Gopichand, Raju and Sai Reddy attended it.

VV Vinayak launched audio CD and gave the first unit to Prabhas. Seenu Vytla launched audio cassette and gave the first unit to Boypati Seenu.

Puri Jagan said, “The story of this movie is inspired by the Bombay encounter specialist Daya Nayak’s life. I narrated the story to Vinayak and he loved the movie. I love and respect the profession of cops. A sub-inspector called Vali slapped me when I was a student because I was involved in a dispute. The same Vali attended the 200 days function of Pokiri as chief guest. I couldn’t go to that function and I saw him in TV and felt happy that he slapped me. His slap made me stay away from getting attracted to bad elements. Gopichand gave terrific performance as cop in this movie. Bellamkonda Suresh committed another project with me without looking at the final copy of this movie.”

Gopichand said, “I felt very happy when I got the opportunity to work in Puri Jagan direction. I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He has shown me Daya Nayak. Bellamkonda Suresh trusted the story and the director Puri Jagan. This movie has come out comfortably well. I wish that this movie will become a success.”

Bellamkonda Suresh said, “I introduced VV Vinayak as director. He announced a movie with my son as hero when I was down. VV Vinayak is the sole reason for me being in strong position now.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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