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Audio Launch - Hanuman
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August 1, 2006
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Audio of 2-d animation film Hanuman was launched by Allu Arjun at a function held at State Gallery of Arts in Kavuri Hills on the morning of 1st August. He gave the first cassette to Devi Sri Prasad. Times Music bought audio rights of this film. Presenter Sharat Marar, producer Challa Manmohan, Uttej were also present at the function.

Chiranjeevi connects with children - Sharat Marar
Sharat Marar said, “Hanuman is the first animation film in Telugu that is releasing on big scale. Incidentally Hanuman is also first Telugu album that is released by Times Music. The variety promotions we did for this film got overwhelming response. We brought Chiranjeevi to give voice over and dub the Hanuman character. Chiranjeevi connects with children a lot. We invited Allu Arjun for this function because he would have been a professional animator if he were not a hero.”

Producer Challa Manmohan said, “Chiranjeevi brought lot of craze to this film with his involvement. Allu Arvind helped us lot in distribution. Sharat Marar helped us in branding of the film and getting Times Music buy the audio.”

Chiranjeevi has great presence of mind - Uttej
Actor Uttej who oversaw dubbing department in this film said, “Chiranjeevi rendered his voice to a character that is not done by him for the first time his career. Chiranjeevi is also a great devotee of Lord Hanuman. It is the practice that they dub the voice first and do animation by taking voice and storyboard as base. But Chiranjeevi dubbed his voice to the character after animation is done, which is a very difficult task to do lip sync and bring in the emotion. He worked for 3 days to dub this film with thorough professionalism. He also have terrific presence of mind and lot of knowledge. When kept Srirama Keertana for Vibheeshana character in the film, Chiranjeevi pointed out that Ramayana has taken place thousands of years back and Sreerama Keertanas were written few hundreds of years back. I dubbed Sugreeva character in this film.”

I wanted to become an animator - Allu Arjun
Hero Allu Arjun said, “Sharat Marar is a close family friend to me. I am happy that Hanuman audio is releasing on Tuesday which is favorite day of Lord Hanuman. I am very happy to release this audio. I wanted to become an animator before venturing into the films. There is high potential for animation films in Telugu. I would like to appreciate all technicians who created the Hanuman film.”

Hanuman is the megastar among the Gods - Devi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri Prasad said, “Hanuman is kids’ favorite God. I think Hanuman is the megastar among the Gods as he can do comedy, action and wide array of emotions. Hanuman gives strength of peace. Tuesday is the favorite day of me too. I loved the title song of this film."

Bhuvana Kruti rendered a song from this album. She also gave her voice over for this function.

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Photo Gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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