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Housefull music launch
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February 11, 2009


Chandra Siddhardha is producing a film titled ‘Housefull’ on his Filmostav banner by introducing Ajay Bhuyan as director. Ajay Bhuyan is making his debut in films with Housefull. He has a rich academic background as his is alumnus of IIT, IIM and NY Film Academy. Music of Housefull was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the morning of 11 February. D Suresh Babu, VV Vinayak, Seenu Vytla, Lagadapati Sridhar, RP Patnaik, Kuchipudi Venkat, Ajay Bhuyan, Chandra Siddhardh, Anoop Rubens, Peddada Murthy, Chaitanya Prasad, Vipin, Arya and Murali (Junglee music) attended this eve.

Junglee music (from Times group) is entering into Telugu audio market for the first time with Housefull film.

D Suresh Babu launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Seenu Vytla. VV Vinayak launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to L Sridhar.

RP Patnaik said, “All of us used to hangout in ‘Try Luck’ café in Somaji Guda in 1990’s when we were trying into films. Chandra Siddhardha used to be like elder brother for all of us. Chandra Siddhardh is my godfather. He believed that I had it in me to become music director. I wish Housefull all the best.”

Seenu Vytla said, “I have tremendous liking and respect for Chandra Siddhardh. He encouraged all of us in 1990s. Chandu is a good hearted person with lot of helping nature.”

Actor Aryan said, “Working for Housefull is like enjoying a party. I hope that this movie will get houseful collections as well.”

Music director Anoop Rubens said, “I am happy for Anoop Rubens since both the director and the producer has a good taste for music. He gave excellent music for Housefull.”

Chandra Siddhardha said, “Moviemaking is a process where lot of freedom to be given, creativity to be applied with in the commercial parameters. I hope that audiences will like Housefull. Anoop gave new-age modern music for this film. I am thinking of getting music done by Anoop as well. Ajay Bhuyan broke the cinematic rules and did awesome creative work. He brought out new flavor and color to Housefull.”

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