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Inkosari music launch
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November 4, 2009


Music of Suman Pathuri's debut film Inkosari was launched at a function organized in Taj Banjara on the night of 4th November 2009. Kalyan Palla, Raja, Nani, Tanish, Sandeep, Richa, Ashika, Raj, DK, Raj Pippalla, Deva Katta, Sekhar Suri, Nagaraju Gandham, Lagdapati Sridhar, Malaysia tourism minister attended it.

Lagadapati Sridhar launched the audio and gave the first unit to Malaysia tourism minister.

Raja said, "The story of Inkosari is about seven friends meeting eachother seven years after completing their college. It is about the second chance in one's life. Suman Pathuri is a 23 year youngster with fresh ideas and he directed it well. Producer Kalyan Palla is a passionate guy who left his lucrative career in USA to pursue movies. Though I acted in around 30 movies so far, I have only two box office hits in the form of Anand and Vennela. I am sure that Inkosari will be my third hit."

Director Suman Pathuri said, "I knew music director Mahesh Shankar from the days he worked for Flavors in USA. After that he scored trendy music for Vennela and Prayanam. Inkosari is his third Telugu film. Though he delays giving tunes, he came up with an amazing job. I had a little stint in Raj-DK's Flavors. They recommended me to Deva Katta and I worked for Vennela movie. They are also a part of Inkosari because they penned the script for this movie. I would like to thank Deva Katta on this outset for the freedom he gave me during the making of Vennela."

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