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Kasipatnam Choodara Babu music launch
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September 21, 2008


The music of "Kasipatnam Chudara Babu", starring new comer Anand as hero, was released this evening at Prasad Labs Preview Theatre. The film is made on MSN Cinepark banner with Madhava Reddy as producer. Direction is by Maddirala, disciple of Vamsi. Music is by Chakri. Bhaskarabatla, Kandikonda, Vennigalla penned the lyrics and almost all the playback singers are new comers or upcoming group.

Senior producer C. Kalyan released the audio cassette and presented the first number to music director Chakri. Krishna Bhagwan unveiled the audio CD and gave the first album to Jayaprakash Reddy. Those who graced the occasion were Jayalalitha (Boring Papa), hero Anand, producer Madhava Reddy, director Maddirala, cinematographer Maddirala and others.

C. Kalyan said: "I could clearly find Vamsi-mark flavor in this film going by the poster designs. Producer Madhava Reddy is a good friend of mine and in the past he produced blockbuster like Prema Panjaram. Chakri gave excellent melodies in this film. Jawahar, who did cinematography to our film Aatadista, worked for this film. I wish the entire unit all the best."

Krishna Bhagwan said: "I know director Maddirala since the time when I was working with Vamsi. I found the script very interesting and I am in no doubt to say that this film will become a blockbuster on the lines of Vamsi's films."

Jayaprakash Reddy said: "Vamsi is one of the very few directors whom I like most. Maddirala, Vamsi's protégé, told me a wonderful script. Working with Vamsi, I always found Maddirala busy looking into the artistes' dates and other things. But, suddenly, one day he came to me and said that he was directing a film. I didn't believe first, but it is a big reality now. I wish him all the best. Jawahar (cinematographer) was my student when I was a teacher. I appreciate Chakri for giving the film superb music, despite being busy."

Chakri said: "I am associated with Maddirala since the time when he was working with Vamsi for the film Avunu Valliddaru Ishta Paddaru. Producer Madhava Reddy and Maddirala just asked me to give fine music and they never interfered into my work at any point of time. I felt personally for it and tried my level best to give superb music. This time, I introduced a new singer Mahaboob Ali (from Kanpur) to sing a song."

Jayalalitha said: "Generally, my performance is limited to vamp roles. But, Maddirala garu gave me a very good role in this film as mother to hero."

Anand, hero, thanked the producer and director for their support to him. He mentioned his special thanks to Chakri and to choreographer Krishna Reddy for giving his mass steps.

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