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Katha, Screenplay, Darsakatvam: Appalaraju music launch
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29 November 2010


Ram Gopal Varma creates a new trend to publicize his movies. He started off with an unique way of releasing songs with his latest film ‘Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam: Appalraju’ that features Sunil, Swati and Sakshi in the main leads. RGV released ‘evadabba sommu kaadura talent’ song during muhurat of this film. The second song ‘maya bazaar’ was released at a function organized in Taj Banjara on the night of 29 November. He will be releasing remaining four songs a week each in December.

This function was attended by Ram Gopal Varma, Sunil, Swati, Sakshi, Tanu Roy, Brahmanandam, Koti, Raghubabu, Ali, Venu Madha, Harsha Vardhan, Narsing Yadav etc.

Ram Gopal Varma said, “The movie lovers who aspire to become directors always think that they are better than the existing filmmakers. I also used to think like that in my beginning days. ‘Maya Bazaar’ song in this movie depicts such over confidence and arrogance that comes out of innocence of Appalraju character who sincerely think that he is going to change the industry with his debut film. KSD Appalraju is my first film made with the soul purpose of entertaining crowds. Kaluva Sai penned lyrics for both parts of Rakta Charitra and for Appalraju. I feel that he is the best lyricist I ever worked with.”

Brahmnandam said, “Ram Gopal Varma gave my career a tremendous curve with Khan Dada character in Money movie. I would have been faded out by now in Telugu film industry but for Khan Dada character. I sang a song in this movie as well.”

Sunil said, “Filmmaking is a difficult job, but my character in this movie thinks otherwise. Working with Ram Gopal Varma itself is a success to me. Appalraju character is not a satire making one, it is a genuine character with lots of dignity.”

Koti said, “The music of this movie came easy to me as Ram Gopal Varma knows exactly what he wants. I learnt lots of techniques in music and background score from Varma when we worked together for Govinda Govinda movie. Music of KSD Appalraju is going to be sensational.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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