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Kudirithe Kappu Coffee music launch
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20 December 2010


Music of Kudirithe Kappu Coffee was launched at a function arranged in Club Jayabheri on the night of 20 December. This film launched Yogeshwar Sharma (son of Seetarama Sastri) as a music director. Varun Sandesh and Suma Bhattacharya are the main leads. Ramana Salwa makes his debut as director. Shiva and Mahi produce this movie.

This launch event was attended by MM Keeravani, Matrix Prasad, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Dil Raju, Varun Sandesh, Allari Naresh, Nani, Tanish, Sanjana, Vamsi Krishna, RP Patnaik, Rajasimha, Abburi Ravi, Bheemineni Srinivas, D Suresh Babu, C Kalyan, Sai Kumar Adivi, ES Maurthy etc.

Writer Abburi Ravi said, “Ramana Salva and AD Narasimha are looking for a good music director. It was Narasimha who suggested the name of Yogi. Ramana approached Yogi and gave situations for all the songs and asked him to give a tune for an easy situation. He came up with ‘Edo Edo’ song tune which is very difficult to do compared to other scenes/situations.”

ES Murthy said, “People might think that Yogi has got this opportunity because he is the son of Sirivennela Seetarama Sastri. Yogi got this project on his own merit without any recommendations.”

Sirivennela said, “Siva and Mahi are ideal producers for this project. During my interaction with the director Ramana I realised that he is a great poet. Cinematographer Santosh came up with nice visuals. I am sure that KKC is going to be a visual poetry. Yogi learnt music in London and he has done it on his by obtaining loan from a bank. ES Murthy helped him with good guidance during music work of KKC. Hero Varu Sandesh’s father Vijay Saradhi is like my brother, hence Varun is more like a son to me. I would like to give an interesting trivia. When I did my first song ‘Vidhata Talapuna’ it was done in Udaya Chandrika raagam. It was sung by the great SPB and he was about to go to USA a couple of days. At that time, SPB blessed me by saying he would sing 100’s of songs penned by me in the future. Yogi’s first song Srikaram in this movie is also done using Udaya Chandrika ragam. It was also sung by SPB and he is going abroad in a couple of days. I can see some connection between me and my son though it’s purely coincidental.”

Producer Mahi said, “It was a great journey producing this film. I would like to thank Shiva for coming forward to fund this project. We are proud to have made a good film.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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