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Audio Function - Malliswari - Venkatesh, Katrina Kaif - Koti
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30th January 2004
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Music Launch of Suresh Productions latest film 'Malliswari' starring Venkatesh and Katrina Kaif was launched at the swanky pub '10 Downing Street' in Hyderabad today afternoon. This is not the first time that Suresh Production arranged a music launch in a pub. For the films 'Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu' and 'Allari' too, Suresh Productions launched music at the same venue.

K Raghavendra Rao is invited as chief guest. Venkatesh, Katrina Kaif and Vijaya Bhaskar were absent as they went to Bangkok for a song shoot. The other guests who joined this occasion were MS Raju, Ravi Babu, Allu Arvind, KL Narayana, Gemini Kiran, Asian Sunil, Siva Raju, Burugapally etc.

Dr. Rama Naidu said that most of the movie titles that are coming these days does not have any mnemonic value and we keeping forgetting and get confused with the names. He said that Malliswari is a sweet name which is also easy to remember.Rama Naidu said that he saw the film and it shaped up very well. He said that he is an admirer of Trivikram for his dialogues. He offered a film as director to Trivikram from Suresh Productions. But Trivikram refused it saying that he had a prior commitment with Sravanthi Ravi Kishore for a film.

Producer D Suresh Babu said that the audio would be available for sale on 1st of February in the racks. He said that the special song with Gajala and Venkatesh would have lots of graphics in it. It was Trivikram who suggested title. He said that Smita is playing a small negative role in this flick. He assured that Malliswari would be a high voltage drama. The release date would be announced once the election dates are conformed. He also said that Saluri Rajeswara Rao scored music for old classic Malliswari and his son Koti is providing music for new 'Malliswari'. He mentioned that they started off the film with a bound script and they did not do any changes while film is being made. He described this film as a fairy tale. He announced that they are having a 'profit-sharing-arrangement' for the cast and crew members of Malliswari. The profits would be split between the cast and crew members of the film. He justified the sky-rocketing remuneration paid to Katrina Kaif saying that he could not get any other alternative and only Katrina is suitable for the role of princess. He wanted a girl with blue blood, white skin, royal looks and tall girl as heroine and Katrina Kaif fit the bill.

Song No Credits Choreographer Location Duration
1 Nuvventha Adigite
Karthik & Chorus
Raja Sekhar Different Sets 4:30
2 Gundello gulabila
Shankar Mahadevan & Chitra
Raju Sundaram Bangkok 4:15
3 Nee Navvule Vennelani
Kamar Sanu & Sunita
Raja Sekhar Goa 4:08
4 Chelisoku letha chiguraku
KK, Chitra
Krishna Reddy New Zealand 4:00
5 Janma Janmala Varami Kalaika
SP Balu & Shreya Ghoshal
Bhuvana Chandra
Krishna Reddy New Zealand 5:21
6 Nuvu Evvari Yedalo
SP Bala Subramanyam
Director Mysore Palace
Bedroom set


Koti said that all the songs in the film are peppy with good lyrical values. He also said that there is lot of scope for good re-recording for this film.

Aditya music released the audio. K Raghavendra Rao gave the first copy to Dr. Rama Naidu. Producer Suresh Babu requested everybody to promote the 'Kill Piracy' concept to save longevity of music. The audiocassette is priced at 38/- and CD is priced at 55/-.

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