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Neramu Siksha music launch
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April 27, 2009


Music of Krishna’s latest film Neramu Siksha in the direction of Vijaya Nirmala was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the morning of 27 April. This function is attended by Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Dasari, Balayya, Akhul, Nischal, Dhiraj, Geetanjali, AVS, Naresh, Naveen, Srinivasa Reddy etc.

Dasari launched the audio and gave the first unit to Krishna .

Balayya said, “I produced and penned a film titled Neramu Siksha with Krishna as hero in 1973. It was a big hit and was remade into both Tamil and Hindi. I also produced three more blockbusters (Ee nati ee bandham ye naatido, Chuttalunnaru Jagratha and Kirayi Alludu). I am happy that a film with the same name is being made with Krishna as hero.”

Vijaya Nirmala said, “I made several novels as movie. Films like Meena were adapted from novels as they are. But films like Neramu Siksha need cinematic changes and we did it in order to make it more interesting on the screen. We shot the film in minimum number of days because our cinematographer Srinivasa reddy is very effective. There were instances where we shot three scenes from different parts of the film on the same day.”

Krishna said, “This film is based on a novel titled Vala that was published in Swathi weekly magazine. It was penned by Bollimuntha Nageswara Rao who recently passed away. It has nice ingredients of suspense, crime, sentiment and action. I am doing the role of a lawyer who opines that capital punishment is equivalent to a murder. This film has nice discussions about this issue.”

Dasari said, “Vijaya Nirmala is a dedicated actress and a director. She was the heroine of my first film Tatha Manavadu. Though she was acting with big heroes in those days, she didn’t hesitate to play the role of Rajababu’s wife in Tatha Manavadu as it was an author-backed role. Though she made her debut as a director with a Malayalam film, Meera was her first Telugu directorial venture. I saw the preview of Meena and amazed by the way she adopted such a great novel onto the screen. I am an admirer for Krishna for doing so many movies in a year. He used do three shifts in order to work around 20 movies an year. The young heroes should take Krishna as an inspiration instead of becoming lazy and greedy. Krishna is a frank man and he used to accept in the first week itself if his films were flops.”

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