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Police Police music launch
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March 20, 2009


Music of cop flick ‘Police Police’ was launched at a function organized in Prasad Labs on the evening of 20 March 2009. Shyam Prasad Reddy graced the occasion and did the honors of launching the music. A set of police station was erected on the podium and function was organized with police station theme.

Speaking on the occasion, the guest Shyam Prasad Reddy said, “I came to this function because I knew Vishwa for the past one decade. He is a talented person in fields like lyrics writing, singing, dubbing and music direction. I considered him for the dubbing of Pasupathi role in Arundhati, but restrained because he was busy. I opine that he should channelize his energies in one area and concentrate. I wish the team of Police Police the best,”

Actor Sriram said, “It’s been a while since I acted in a straight Telugu film. Police police is like my comeback film in Telugu. Director Manmohan never worked with any director in the pas and he handled the film like a veteran. Police Police is not a routine cop flick. Producer Chandu made this film on a grand scale. Songs composed by Vishwa blends well with the situation. Sai Karthik scored good re-recording for the film.”

Actor Brahmaji said, “Police Police is a decent and sensible film. The producer is so uncompromising that he scraped a song after shooting because he did not like it. Though a first-timer, director Manmohan made this film with lot of conviction. Actor Sriram who has a lover boy image so far has done a shocking portrayal of cop in this film.”

Music director Vishwa said that Police Police is a technically well-made film.

Music director Sai Karthik said that he scored a song and did background music for the entire film.

Producer Chandu thanked his friends for helping him out in production and exuded confidence that Police Police will become a hit.

Director Manmohan said, “All the actors in the film are apt for their roles. Sreeram gave a striking performance and Prithvi Raj gave a likable performance. I am extremely happy with the output. I would like to thank each and every member of cast and crew for their honest efforts.”

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