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Pooja Pushpalu music launch
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March 18, 2009


Sushmita Sen graced the music launch of Pooja Prasad’s third devotional album ‘Pooja Pushpalu’. This function was held at Film Nagar Daiva Sannidhanam on the evening of 18 March 2009. The guests include Murali Mohan, VB Rajendra Prasad, music director Bunty, singing teacher Smt Rajeswari, Ramesh Prasad and Jagapati Babu.

Pooja Prasad is the granddaughter of legendry producer VB Rajendra Prasad and the daughter of Ram Prasad (Walden). Nitya Prasad (sister of Pooja Prasad) welcomed the guests onto the stage.

Murali Mohan said, “Anybody can become an actor or a politician with a little bit of effort. But only few can become singers as the singing talent is gifted by the God. Songs in VB Rajendra Prasad’s films always had good music. The same quality is inherited by Pooja Prasad now. It is nice to see Sushmita coming to Hyderabad after a gap of 9 years. It is an interesting fact that Sushmita Sen is born in Hyderabad.”

VB Rajendra Prasad said, “Only few people are blessed with the innate gift of singing. Pooja Prasad is a girl of determination like her mother. Pooja Pushpalu is her third album. Since Pooja can’t read Telugu, her father Ram Prasad used to take pains in writing it in English. He also built a recording studio in his home so that Pooja Prasad can concentrate on singing. Pooja Prasad also has noble ideas as she is donating all the income from the sales of her album to the charity. When Ram Prasad came to know that Sushmita Sen penned a song, he got it sung by Pooja Prasad. Sushmita Sen is so much impressed with Pooja that she agreed to grace this occasion as a guest.”

Music director Bunty said, “Pooja Prasad sacrificed her holidays to work for this album. Ram Prasad built a studio at his home with best of the latest equipment. The recording quality and sound quality of this album is going to be much superior to earlier albums. Pooja Prasad singing improved tremendously compared to her earlier works.”

Singing teacher Rajeswari said, “Music is god’s gift. But it is equally important to practice. Pooja Prasad is passionate about singing and she chosen devotional singing.”

Sushmita Sen said, “Pooja Prasad is a gifted and soulful young lady. It is a great album from a 16-year old girl. She is an inspiring child with divine voice. She takes us closer to the God with her devotional voice. For a 16 year old girl, she is filled with divinity.”

Jagapati Babu said, “Sushmita Sen is brimming with positive energy. I would like to thank Sushmita for gracing this occasion. She has a beautiful heart. Pooja Prasad epitomizes simplicity and humbleness. I am not sure if I satisfied my parents, but Pooja Prasad definitely gave her grandparents immense satisfaction with her devotional work. She is the pride and the jewel of our family. Pooja Prasad is a blessed girl to have such a dedicated parents like Ram Prasad and Sobha Prasad.”

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