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Music launch - Siddhu from Sikakulam
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July 25, 2008


Music of Siddhu From Sikakulam, an Allari Naresh film, was released tonight at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad. Supreme Music is marketing the album. Made on Welfare Creations banner, it is produced by M. Vijayprasad and directed by debutant Eeshwar, a protégé of EVV Satyanarayana. Music is by KM Radhakrishna. The film is set for release on August 14th. The second leg of its audio will be held at Vizag tomorrow.

Popular producer and Creative Commercials head KS Rama Rao formally released the audio cassette and presented the first number to producer Lagadapati Sridhar of Larsco Entertainments. The audio CD was unveiled by C. Kalyan, who gave it to hero Naresh. Others who took part in the function included heroines Manjari and Shradda Das, music director KM Radhakrishna and director Eeshwar.

Be careful with big releases: KS Rama Rao
KS Rama Rao said that he had information that the film Siddhu from Sikakulam had come out well. “It is a happy development for Welfare Group that it chose to release the film through the Siri Media. I suggest the producer to be careful in choosing the date of release in view of the forthcoming big releases. Major strength of the film is its hero Naresh, who has become the family hero of Andhra Pradesh. His films alone attract the family crowds in a big way.”

C. Kalyan said: “I know director Eeshwar since for a long time. His capacity is unlimited, provided he should get the right opportunity, which came through this film. I am in no doubt that he would become a star director in the near future.”

Lagadapati Sridhar said: “Director Eeshwar was the co-director in my debut film as producer – Evadi Gola Vadidhi. He had put on rich experience in his profession and I hope this film would bring the entire unit luck, name, fame and money.”

Famine of heroines: Allari Naresh
Allari Naresh said: “I play the role which will more or less suit my own self in the real life. In all my 25-films, this is for the first time; I am playing the role of a student. It’s a kind of reverse characterisaiton. I particularly wish good luck to the two heroines – Manjari and Shradda Das. We need more heroines like them as our industry is facing a famine-like situation when it comes to finding the heroines. Coming to the film, I assure the audience that it would never disappoint them. The film would give them supreme feel of entertainment on the lines of a Gamyam.”

Music director KM Radhakrishna said that he had provided the best music for the film compared to all his previous films.

Director Eeshwar said that all the unit members extended their fabulous cooperation to him. “I am thrilled about the talent of KM Radhakrishna. If he agrees, I look forward to do all my films hereafter under this music direction.”

Jeers and shame to new producers
Producer Vijayaprasad said: “Today’s film industry adopted an unhealthy practice to looking down at the new producers. There is a lot of helana and chulakana on them. This trend should change. I am thankful to all the technicians, cast and my friends in the industry who have supported me in a big way.” Referring to some comments, which he claimed to have surfaced recently about the film, the producer remarked: “There is a furor over the title of the film Siddhu From Sikakulam. However, there is nothing that would hurt the sentiments of anybody. In fact, I come from Uttarandhra and many of my friends abroad called me to appreciate about the choice of the title. We are going to release the film all over Andhra Pradesh on August 14th. I believe in the muhurt that we had arranged for the release date.”

The debut producer who profusely came out with his 40 minute speech dwelt into the making of the film and recalled the work of each and every character and technician. He also linked the rainfall with his film. “Whenever we started shooting, the rain stopped or limited its fall a few meters away from the shoot. That is our power. The success of the film is already written by God. And nobody can stop it.” Though he began addressing in a formal way, slowly he took to the vein of relaxed attitude, much to put the guests on the dais in a fix, particularly KS Rama Rao, whose suggestion (not to release the film with big releases) was taken slightly by his new colleague.

Shardda Das with synthetic smile
One of the heroines, Shradda Das who was seen actively moving from one corner to the other at the venue freely interacting with the guests, press and the general gathering, suddenly seemed to have shed her jolly mood as and when she found the images of Naresh and her co-heroine Manjari on the covers of Audio CD and inlay card of the cassette. From that moment onwards, the girl was seen very reserved with her smile for the photos turning all the more synthetic.

The event saw the presenting of three stage dances (for the Album numbers) by some very gaudily dressed male and female dancers under direct and normal light without dazzling or color. The two heroines went into peals of laughter whenever the female dancers jerked their hips – at a distance of just six feet from them.

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