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Souryam Music launch
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August 21, 2008


Seenu Vytla, YVS Chowdary released Souryam Music
The music of Souryam, a Gopichand film, is released late this evening at Hotel Marriot, Hyderabad. Aditya Music is the marketer for the album with music scored by Mani Sharma. Made on Bhavya Creations, this action-and-romantic flick is produced by realtor and film distributor Anand Prasad. Cinematographer Siva turned director for this film.

The starlit gathering had the presence of Seenu Vytla, YVS Chowdary, Gopichand, Anushka, Poonam Kaur, Pokuri Babu Rao, VN Aditya, Anand Prasad (producer), Siva (director), Ratnam (Dialogue writer), lyricists Bhaskarabatla and Ramajogayya Sastry and others. Jhansi anchored the event.

Audio cassette auctioned for 80K
YVS Chowdary unveiled the audio cassette and presented the first number to Pokuri Babu Rao. It was Seenu Vytla who released the audio CD, presenting it to VN Aditya. On this occasion, the audio CD was auctioned at the venue. A realtor Balakrishna owned the first cassette for Rs. 80,000/- (The amount would be utilized by the producer for the welfare of the poor students). Further, on behalf of the producer, hero Gopichand presented a cheque for "unspecified amount" to Hyderabad-based badminton player James, as part of sponsoring his trip to Jordon for taking part in a tournament. A mixed trailer with general and action scenes was projected to the gathering on this occasion.

Terrific dialogues; hit music - Pokuri Babu Rao
Pokuri Babu Rao said: "I know producer Ananda Prasad while I was busy making the film Yagnam with Gopichand. He was supposed to have produced Gopichand's second film, but it didn't happen. Director Siva is known to all in the film industry as a highly talented cameraman. I wish him all the best as director now. True to the title, I hope, Ratnam would have given terrific dialogues. Music for most of the films of Gopichand was scored by Mani Sharma. It proves that audio of Souryam is going to be a hit. You all know that almost all the films of our hero are musical hits. I wish Gopi a great future with this film."

Magic of Gopichand-Anushka chemistry - Seenu Vytla
Seenu Vytla said: "Gopichand is the child of our director (T. Krishna). I wish that he should become a very big hero. Everybody knows about the power of Gopichand-Anushka chemistry in Lakshyam. I am confident that this chemistry would work magic for Souryam, again. I wish the entire team of this film a grand success."

Gopichand, a special hero - YVS Chowdary
YVS Chowdary spoke at length. "Though I am not connected to the film commercially, I am emotionally concerned. I knew hero Gopichand as a highly talented and well educated hero. He has the special sense of judgment, be it selection of story, characterization, mood of the scene and the like. Gopichand's father T. Krishna was known for his craftsmanship in molding characters with heroism, even though they were of lesser order. That was the power of his scripts. Now, I consider Gopichand as a special hero in Tollywood, because he is highly knowledgeable about the commercial pulse of the subject. I shall always be grateful to producer Anand Prasad. When I was financially in trouble during the making of my film Lahiri Lahiri…he provided me the much wanted moral support and strength to finish the project. I like Anushka very much. She is one among the very few heroines who possesses the perfect nativity value. Her chemistry with Gopichand in this film will give double the impact of Lakshyam. Mani Sharma's music will definitely be a great asset to the film."

Camera, Anushka and music will rock - Gopichand
Gopichand said: "I came to know about director Siva thorough a friend of mine Vasu. Suresh Babu garu also told me once about Siva and his subject. When I heard it, it was nearer to my judgment and stamina. With slight modifications to the subject and screenplay the subject was readied later. I am thankful to Anne Ravi who guided me a lot in this subject. Victory is the person who handled camera in Souryam. After Sameer Reddy, Victory showed me in the best of the shades. I am hundred percent confident that dialogue writer Ratnam will make the audience clap in the theatres for the powerful dialogues in this film. Totally, it's a commercial film. Generally, the heroines will have lesser say in commercial films. But Anushka's case in this film is different. Her performance will come with a jolt. Poonam Kaur also got very important role."

VN Aditya said: "I have come here because of director Siva. He worked for my films as cinematographer. He is also my relative. He is my colleague and technician. I hope Siva is going to feel the highest degree of happiness which will be equivalent to that of mine, when I got it with my debut film Manasantha Nuvve. After Souryam, Siva's responsibilities as director will increase."

Anushka said: "Director Siva is a technician who holds superb clarity in his subject. His vision for perfection is credibly focused. Dialogue writer Ratnam rocked in his job. Gopichand is extremely hard working. Music by Mani Sharma is simply superb."

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