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Audio release - Super
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11th June 2005
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"Super means energy, Super means kick and Super means thrill, these are all the ingredients of this film and I am sure that my fans are going to have a great time watching this film," said Nagarjuna to all the fans hooting and shouting, at the audio release of Super.

The function was held at Stage 4, Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad. The funtion started in right earnest without any delays. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao was the first to be invited onto the stage, a novel point was tunes being played in the background. ANR was escorted by Anushka the heroine, while Eetagoundi Oolaami, from his film Dasara Bullodu was played. This trend of background was followed and Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo for Sandeep Chowta, Chupulo tho guchi guchi was played for Puri Jaganath, Mass was played for Nagarjuna who was accompanied by his wife Amala.

The first cassette was released by ANR while it was purchased by Amala Akkineni. Speaking on the occasion ANR said, "The word Super has become a very telugu term, just like coffee or tea. I think they named the movie Super to increase the expectations of the fans. I am not aware of the story and I was never told about the story becaue I am very nit-picky. "

"The music of the film has to be discussed as it is going to be a major plus point for the film. For someone like me who has always had musical hits, melodies played a major role. But now the times have changed and people like more of beat in the songs." Talking to Sandep Chowta he said, "Kalidas once said 'the mixture of old and new is important for survival,' this proves that melody is as important as beats. The music he has created is for the current generation, but when I was listening to the music, my mind was searching for the tune while by body was reacting to the beat."

"Sandeep's approach to music is always different and I am sure that this music is going to be a very big hit with the youth."

Anushka recalled the good time she had while acting in the film and thanked everyone for the experience. Sonu Sood took the mike and said, "I am a big fan of Nagarjuna's, I was thrilled when he called me up and said that I had to listen to the story. Then he told me that I was doing the film with him, it was like a dream come true for me. It was a treat to work with Puri Jaganath, he is a perfectionist and can draw the best out of anyone. I hope this film is a big hit and I get ot work in many more projects."

Man of the day Sandeep Chowta said, "It is always a pleasure working with the Akkineni Family, they treat me like one of the family members. Nagarjuna was really great and Nine Pelladata was a big hit but this film is going to be a bigger hit. It was great working with Puri Jaganath, he lets us be and brought out the best in us. Freedom is what any artist wants to perform better."

Puri Jaganath who was sporting a casual look in his jeans and T shirts said, "When I was studying in fifth standard I came to Annapurna studios and I took the autograph of ANR sir. That was my first ever autograph and a photo of his. Then when I saw Nagarjuna for very long I could never recall his name and always called him Nageshwara Rao's Son. Then when I worked for Shiva I met him and Amala then they were still in love. Today I am happy to congratulate them on their marriage anniversary. Sandeep has given some great music, and thanks to Nagarjuna I have worked with some of the best technicians."

Nagarjuna said, "The movie has all the ingredients that are needed to satisfy my fans. Puri and Sandeep are some of my best friends so it was a pleasure working with them. I could be very open and frank with them and they with me. Success has a lot of steps, today when we released the music, fans are calling to say that it is Super. I feel we have climbed the first step, just now after seeing the trailer people said it was Super, that means we have climbed the second step now left is the final step of releasing the film. I would also like to apologize to all those technicians at whom I yelled during the shooting. It was just anxiety to bring out a great film."

Fireworks marked the end of the programme.

- Aditya

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