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Birthday 2008 - Krishna
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May 31 2008

Hearty fanfare marked the celebrations of actor Krishna's 65th birthday this evening at Padmalaya Studios, Hyderabad. An impressive gathering of fans of Krishna and Mahesh Babu arrived at the venue bedecked with linen shamiana and flowers. As and when Krishna accompanied by spouse Vijaya Nirmala alighted from the vehicle, huge shouts of birthday wishes to the actor rented the air.

Addressing the fans and media from a specially-erected stage, Krishna said: "Special thanks to our fans from all over the state. Your love and affection for our family makes us stronger each year. I agree that I didn't do any film during the last four years worth to give happiness to my fans. Now, I assure my forthcoming films would definitely live up to their expectations. Three such films are Mallanna (a Vikram film), Soldier in the direction of Vijaya Nirmala and a Suresh Productions film. One more is coming up soon."

The Andhra superstar went into rapture when he said: "From now onwards everything is going to be exciting to our fans. Mahesh Babu's next film is set for release as Sankranti gift 2009. Mahesh is one and the only hero who is now doing a film for Warner Brothers"

Vijaya Nirmala said that actually they planned Krishna's birthday in Ooty, where shoot of the film Soldier is in progress. "But, happiness of our fans is important and so we are here for the fans and their happiness." Regarding the film Solider, she said that it is coming extremely well and racing for release at the earliest.

Senior producer C. Kalyan said: "Superstar Krishna's film always had social relevance. That's why people love him as a true human being."

KC Sekhar Babu, Arjun Raju, Adiseshagiri Rao, Sakamuri Mallikarjun and functionaries of Krishna and Mahesh Babu Fans Associations took part in the gala.

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Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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