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Rajasekhar attacked by Chiranjeevi fans
Chiranjeevi meets Rajasekhar
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January 28, 2008

Rajasekhar criticized Chiranjeevi in a press meet held at Bhimavaram on 27 January that Chiranjeevi is inexperienced in politics. He also categorically said that he would not join the party of Chiranjeevi. This news is highlighted by the media and fans of Chiranjeevi got instigated by these statements.

Chiranjeevi’s fan threw stones on Raja Sekhar’s vehicle in Punjagutta on the morning of 28 January. Rajasekhar was driving the car along with his wife and daughters. Petrified by the incident, Rajasekhar lodged a police complaint and accused Chiranjeevi of instigating fans to attack him physically.

Chiranjeevi and Allu Arvind visited the house of Rajasekhar. Speaking to the media Chiranjeevi said that Rajasekhar has all the right to speak whatever he wants to. His statements might have hurt fans, but fans have no right to retaliate in such a way. Chiranjeevi condemned the heinous act by the fans. Chiranjeevi also tendered public apology to Rajasekhar and his family on behalf of his fans.

Rajasekhar said that he would approach CM to extend him security as still there is threat from fans.

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