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ANR felicitated by BITS - Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
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14 November 2010

Brindavanam (Telugu Samithi) has invited Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao to the campus of BITS - Pilani, Hyderabad located at Jawahar Nagar in Shameerpet. It was also attended by youth hero Varun Sandesh and critically acclaimed director Deva Katta. Professor VS Rao (Director of Hyderabad Campus) felicitated ANR with a shawl and a letter of commendation. ANR was given standing ovation by the entire auditorium.

ANR influences is accross the generations - VS Rao
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. VS Rao said, “It is an honor and pride to have Padma Bhushan ANR as guest for 2nd annual day of Brindavanam (Telugu Samithi) in our Hyderabad campus. I would like to commend our students to come up with a nice presentation of ANR with a short notice of 2 days. ANR is the only hero in Telugu cinema who has done so many different roles. He has an indelible impression among the generations. ANR was the unique choice when we wanted to invite a great film personality to the campus. I read his books and gone through his interviews and I can proudly say that there is a scientist in ANR. He has amazing punctuality and he is youthful even at this age.”

Continue acquiring Universal knowledge after University study is complete - ANR
ANR referred to girls and boys in the campus as seetaramayya gari manavaraallu and dasara bullollu respectively. In a spirited and inspiring speech, ANR said, “Brindavanam is a nice name and i did many romantic feats in Brindavan Gardens of Mysore in the past while shooting for my movies. I romanced with 69 heroines in my career. People do think that we actors are fortune and we enjoy a lot. It is not true. When I did ‘chitapata chinukulu’ song, it was shot for 3 days and the water was of poor quality. That song looks fabulous on screen, but we had to do it in a difficult atmosphere. There is one heroine among 69 heroines I worked with and she has a bad breath problem. I was asked to delivered a proposal dialogue to her by keeping my face close to her. I had to stop my breath for one minute for that particular scene. I used to like praises till 1974 when I had a heart attack. I realised that praises will not help us and what helps us to grow in our profession is an honest criticism. Actors should not be under impression that films run because of them. I read in some Hollywood magazine that what an actor contributes to movie is about 8% and rest of 92% is contributed by the remaining cast and crewmembers. I am running on 87 now. I feel that I live one more year because of the happiness I got by visiting BITS campus. People do often ask me about the secret of my health. I feel that happiness is what makes me healthy and feel young. I am a grounded person who knows my strengths and weaknesses. I got benefited because of entry of actors like NTR and SVR. When NTR entered film industry, everybody has written me off. I got cautious and I selected scripts that suited my strengths. I didn’t play characters like Lord Rama and Bheemudu as they didn’t suit my body. When SVR did Ravana character, I did Narada character. I stand as an example for how an actor can conceal his weaknesses and play to one’s strengths. I think that NTR is the only actor in India who played negative roles and made them positive on screen with his portrayal and magical presence. I studied till 4th class and I went into the profession of acting. I didn’t have opportunity to do university study. But my life and experience has given me an opportunity to universal study outside the class room. I have lot of respect for BITS Pilani. I feel that it is as good as Harward University in USA. My granddaughter is currently studying in BITS Goa. Since I have come from poor background, I made sure that my sons Nagarjuna and Venkat are grounded and down-to-earth while they were growing up. They used to go to school and college in city bus. When they grew up and found them to be at right age to enjoy the privileges, I called them and asked them what they want - Porsche or Benz? I suggest all the students not to get mad when their parents deny them luxery during their studying period. It is for the good of children. I also urge all the students to continue studying and learning even after their university education is over. Curiosity to know is very important to become a learned person.”

Yourself is your mind - Deva Katta
Deva Katta said, “I feel that the youngest among the auditorium now is ANR. I read in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ that yourself is your mind. ANR’s mind is brimming with ideas and curiosity to know more. I had a great learning listening to his speech today. I have also applied to BITS in 1992 and got a seat in Chemical engineering. I wanted Mechanical Engineering and some people corrupted my mind saying that doing Chemical Engineering is hazardous to health. I missed that opportunity.”

Success is measured by effort - Varun Sandesh
Varun Sandesh said, “It is a memorable day of my life. I got to meet ANR and spoke with him for 10 minutes in the car and I was mesmerized. I had a similar experience when I met Rajnikant at Robo shoot. Great people have down-to-earth attitude and humble aura around them. I am thrilled because ANR referred to me while giving his speech. I completed by 12th class and entered into acting. I miss going for graduation after watching this beautiful campus. I am glad that I am doing real learning in life for the past three years. I did seven films so far. My first two films were big hits. After that I didn’t get successes. I feel that success is measured by effort. I did my 100% effort for all the movies. I would like to thank every one of you for inviting me here on this occasion.”

Prof. U Madhava Rao (president of Brindavanam) and Dr. MG Prasusa (faculty-incharge of Brindavanam) organized the entire event professionally and efficiently along with the student committe of Brindavanam. The felicitation of ANR was followed by classical dances, classical singing and a mime program performed by the students of BITS campus.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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