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AP Film critics association felicitates Brahmanandam
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January 8, 2008

Brahmanandam was richly felicitated by AP Film Critics Association on the night of 8 January 2008. Devulapally Amar graced the occasion as chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion Devulapally Amar said, “I am Brahmanandam’s neighbor. I enjoy watching his films. Comedy is the most difficult part of the art and Brahmanandam mastered it. We see Brahmanandam in almost all films and we also watch him in many comedy episode programs in TV channels. We never get bored of looking at him.”

Musicologist Raja said, “Jandhyala recognized the talent of Brahmanandam the day he met him. Jandhyala told Brahmanandam - please give me an opportunity to use your talent. Brahmanandam used to do many of his own skits in front of Jandhyala and he used to pick some and use them in other actors as well. Brahmanandam is also eligible for Padma Sri.”

Prabhu mentioned that Brahmanandam has the habit of documenting the data of his movies and that documentation helped him while applying for Guinness Book of World Records.

Pascha Sarat said, “I met Brahmanandam at Door Darshan office. At that time Brahmanandam was doing mimicry shows in DD. I feel that Brahmanandam is eligible for Padma Sri after Relangi and Allu.”

Sunita Chowdary said that she observed the same spark she saw in Shahrukh in Circus TV serial when she watched TV show of Brahmanandam. And both of them went on to become huge in their own categories.

Responding the showers of praise by journalists Brahmanandam said the following things -

Poor family
I belong to a poor family of 8 siblings. My father was a carpenter with poor income. Tanikella Bharani mentioned in an article that my guru in life was my poverty. I studied till MA and joined as lecturer at Athili. At that time lecturer post was as good as bank job. When I want to shift to movies, I was in dilemma.

Entry into films
I came to Hyderabad once and I happened to accidentally meet writer Adi Vishnu who introduced me to NCV Sashidhar of DD. They started a serial called Pakapakalu. Adivishnu, Musicologist Raja, BV Pattabhi Ram etc recommended me to Jandhyala. I met Jandhyala and shown many of my skits. He was very happy and appreciated me. My first film was Sri Tatavataram Katha. My second film was Satyagraham. My third film was Aha Naa pellanta. Since then I did not have to look back. I did around 35 films per month.

It’s a God’s gift
I feel that becoming an actor is a God’s gift. If I say that I have talent and I work hard, it would have been just cheating myself. I attribute my success to God. There are many people who have talent and who work hard. But God has chosen me over others.

Guinness Book entry
I did not aim at Guinness book. I did movies just to earn money and making a living. I have the good habit of collecting and documenting all details of my films. I won the fancy dress competition during my PUC at Narsarao pet in 1968. I still have that memento and photograph with me.

Media reaction
Media has always been very encouraging and kind to me. I was moved with media coverage for my Guinness book entry. Somebody wrote ‘Guinness Book Navvindi’ and another wrote ‘Brahmam Okkade’. As a token of appreciation I am announcing 1 lakh rupees to AP Film Critics Association.

I value money
I came from a poor family and have five brothers and two sisters. My father told me that a man can live without eating food for 17 days. He asked me not to seek financial help from anybody till 16 days. I strictly follow it even today. I never bought anything in installments.

My top 11 films
1. Aha Naa Pellanta
2. Vivaha Bhojanambu
3. Chitram Bhalare Vichitram
4. Pattukondi Chooddam
5. Money
6. Anaganaga Oka Roju
7. Anna
8. Amma
9. Bavagaru Bagunnara
10. Manmadhudu
11. Dhee

Writing a book
I am writing a book on my films, my characters and my experiences. It should be out in a couple of months. I am also pursuing my academic pursuit and would be getting a academic doctorate very soon. presented this event.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)


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