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Venkatesh launches Dance Challenge by FX Labs
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September 27, 2008


Hero Venkatesh today launched FX Labs-developed the first Indian Arcade Game "Dance Challenge" at their corporate office at Film Nagar, Hyderabad. It is the newly developed game with exclusive Indian content.

Sashi Reddi (FX Labs Chairman ) said that the kiosk will enable gamers, particularly the children and enthusiastic game lovers, to play the game either through the console keys or through an exclusive metal dance pad. "This feature enables them to enjoy the game in single and double player mode." The machine will be kept at the multiplex theatres and big shopping malls in the twin cities, to start with. Soon, the machines will be supplied to the entertainment segments in Mumbai. Currently, the Dance Challenge has the hit songs of Telugu films of different popular heroes. The initial price for each game is put at Rs. 130. He further said that those who developed the game in the FX labs are exited as it happens to be the first of its kind in India.

Venkatesh said: "I am happy that FX Labs is introducing this Dance Challenge game along with the machine in Tollywood, with songs of different heroes. This will be a big source of joy and good exercise to the children and music lovers." Rana was also present at the occasion. Both of them had danced before the machine in tune with the guidelines shown through arrow marks on the screen.

The Dance Challenge arcade game has over 40 latest hits of Tollywood movie song videos. FX Labs has strong association with leading production houses which will enable them to roll-out the latest blockbuster movie songs to cater to the music lovers.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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