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Jayam 100 days and Hexa platinum disc function
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Jayam 150 days and hexa platinum disc function

10th November 2002
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The team of Jayam celebrated the occasion of 150 days of run today at Santhi theater, Hyderabad. Aditya music arranged the Hexa Platinum Disc Function of Jayam audio along with this function.

The cast and crew who attended this function include Teja, RP Patnaik, Kula Sekhar, Sameer Reddy, choreographer Shankar, Editor Shankar, Usha, Nitin, Gopichand, Rallapally, Swetha, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Raja, Lakshmipati, Duvvasi Mohan, Aditya MD Umesh Gupta, Asian distributor Sunil and Nizam distributor Sudhakar Reddy.

Laskmipati told that he is amazed by the self-confidence and positive spirit of Teja when he narrated the script. Rallapally spoke well about the environment created by Chitram unit during the making of Jayam.

Teja thanked the audience for making Jayam such a big hit. He revealed that he is going to start his next film Nijm soon. He announced that Mahesh Babu and Gopichand would act as hero and villain respectively. He also said that Gopichand is been asked by him to grow the beard for the villain get-up in Nijam. He confirmed that his technical team of RP Patnaik, Kula Sekhar and Usha are going to do honors for Nijam as well. He is aimed the film for April release to cash summer 2003 season.

RP Patnaik thanked the audience for making audio of Jayam such a big hit. He said that Jayam is the first audio to get Hexa Platinum Disc in Telugu film industry. He also said that one platinum disc means 2 lakhs of cassette (actually platinum disc means one lakh) and Hexa Platinum Disc makes it six platinum discs which makes it 12 lakhs (it is actually 6 lakhs). He sang the 'Ranu Ranantu' song from Jayam along with Usha.

Kula Sekhar enthralled the audience by giving a new definition to the director's name Teja. He said that 'Te' means 'get' and 'Ja' means 'go'. He further added that Teja asks the talented people by saying 'Te' (get the talent out of you) and rejects untalented people by saying 'Ja' (go away).

Nitin shied away without talking much on the occasion. Gopichand thanked Teja for giving him a good break. After the speeches, the audio producer Umesh Gupta presented shield to the cast and crew.

This function was held in Santhi Theater at 12 noon on 10th of November and theater full of people attended and celebrated the occasion.

exclusive photo gallery

a welcome board at Santhi


a swanky car of Nitin arraives

Nitin escorted from fans

Teja speak

Teja speak

Gopichand with 'nijam' getup

Gopichand with 'nijam' getup

Usha singing

RP and Usha

Gopichand with 'nijam' getup


Swetha (acted as heroine sis)

Teja with hexa platinum disc

RP with hexa platinum disc

Kula Sekhar with hexa platinum disc

Sameer Reddy with hexa platinum disc

Editor Shankar with hexa platinum disc

Nitin with hexa platinum disc
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