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Bala Krishna launched Moser baer DVDs/VCDs
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April 7, 2007

Moser baer DVD India’s number one optical storage media manufacturer which hold 16.5 market share worldwide has recently entered into entertainment segment by buying home DVD/VCD rights of various Indian films and selling DVDs and VCDs at a throwaway price of Rs. 34/- and Rs. 28/- respectively. In Andhra Pradesh Moser baer had a strategic tie-up with Supreme music for acquiring DVD rights. It has already acquired DVD rights for 600 Telugu films and it already released DVDs of 101 Telugu films now that include Varsham, Dil, 10th Class etc.

Bala Krishna Nandamuri launched the entry of Moser baer in Telugu film industry at a grand function organized in Taj Banjara on the night of 7 April. Bala Krishna also unveiled the 3-DVD set of Telugu cinema vajrostavalu function. Bala Krishna opened the gallery of Moser baer Telugu DVDs.

Harish Dayani, CEO of Moser baer said, “Moser baer produces around 1 crore DVD/VCDs a day. It becomes a natural extension for us to enter home DVD/VCD segment. We are selling these DVDs and VCDs for a cheap price of rs. 34/- and Rs. 28/- respectively. This move will also help eradicating piracy. We are also going to enter Telugu film industry as producers very soon. We will produce films in all regional languages of India.”

Dhanunjayan said, “We have rights of 600 Telugu films now. We are releasing DVD/VCDs of 101 films in the first batch. I am sure that Moser baer will become the market leader because of price advance in the future. I would like to thank Raju Harwani of Supreme music for lending us support.”

Chief guest Bala Krishna said, “Telugu people are lovers of arts. I am sure that they will buy the products of Moser baer. The prices of Moser baer DVD/VCDs are so cheap that each one of the movie lover can buy them all and keep them in their personal video libraries. The movie lovers will stop encouraging piracy because Moser baer is giving exceptional quality entertainment with their DVD/VCDs at a cheap prices.”

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