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'Radio Josh' Global On Line Radio Launched by Actor Krishnudu
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27 October 2011

'Radio Josh' Global On Line Radio Launched by Actor Krishnudu

Hyderabad, October 2011: online radio network is now on air to reach millions of listeners worldwide by presenting greater breadth and depth of first-class streaming music, talk, and audio. Featuring 260+ genres of music for music tastemakers from over 150 countries, to convey in short, is brought available by real people with a deep passion for music.

Radio josh, Global online Radio and website was launched by Actor Krishnudu, Music Director RP Patnaik at Kens Hotel in Hyderabad. The launching event was also witnessed by Komarampuli fame Sridhar and Vinayakudu fame Suryatej.

“Its indeed a privilege to launch online radio which entertains our people globally in one click. And it will be lot more interesting to chat live with Radio Jockies as well as with the fellow listners” said Krishnudu on this occasion. “Radiojosh is the universal leader in delivering joshful music and Internet radio. Our aim is to bring together radio lovers and listeners at one place through Radiojosh. is quite accessible radio as it can be tuned through websites, mobile devices, home entertainment centers, connected desktop products” added Mr. Agniputra, Director of Radio Josh.

“We maintain a healthy balance from Classical Music, rock, Metal, hip hop, Techno, jazz, Opera, folk and what not, we play the biggest up to date hits and throw in all your favorite classics too. Just because after listening to Radiojosh we can assure you will be dancing in the street, singing loudly in public places, bobbing heads in the car, and what not you will have a whole new experience of joshful music” he mentioned.

Extremely amusing, talkative, entertaining and joshful RJs will double up soul with joshful music. Take a chance, Make a call. Dedicate a song. Laugh with them, chat with them. Speak your mind. It's your choice at your demand. For all Indians across the globe radiojosh has provided numbers to get in touch with RJ’s for countries like US, UK, Australia, UAE & rest of the places.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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