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Logo Release: Premikulu (But.. They Don't Know Each Other)
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13th February 2005
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Superhit Friends banner that deliver two consecutive successful films like Premalo Pavani Kalyan and Chantigadu is currently producing another film. Jaya who made her debut as director with Chantigadu is directing this film. Title and logo of this film was unveiled by producer MS Raju on 14th February 2005. Kamna Jetmalani, Yuvaraj and Rishi Girish are playing main leads in this film.

The title of this film is decided as Premikulu with a caption 'But, they don't know each other'.

Curious title - MS Raju
Speaking on this occasion, MS Raju said that the films done on Superhit banner have become super hits and wished that Premikulu also hit the bull's eye at box office. MS Raju was impressed by Jaya's work in Chantigadu and blessed her that she would reach greater heights in filmmaking. He also felt that the logo and caption creates lots of curiosity, which would driver the movie lovers to the theaters.

Novelistic story - Jaya
Speaking on the occasion director Jaya said that the story of 'Premikulu' offers novelty. This point has not come in any of the films in the past. And this film would thrill the movie lovers, she said.

It is a tough task to make a film with all new faces. But Jaya decided to do so because of the confidence she has on storyline. Kamna Jetmalani is the granddaughter of famous law expert Ram Jetmalani. Her Yuvaraj belongs to a Telugu family settled in Mumbai. Another hero Rishi Girish is making his debut through this film. All these three artists have undergone training in acting. Sajan - protégé of AR Rehman - is making his debut as music director. Avi - who composed choreography to many Hindi private albums - is making debut in Telugu as choreographer. Vijaya Sri - a woman - is working as cinematographer. Premikulu is being made with tremendous teamwork.

Story is the hero - BA Raju
BA Raju - producer and the editor of Superhit film magazine - said that the hero of this film is the story. It is a coincidence that this film is being titled as 'Premikulu' on Valentine's Day. He thanked MS Raju for agreeing to unveil the logo. He said that all the debutants of this film would have bright future.

Camerawoman Vijaya Sri said that she is feeling proud to work with a genius director like Jaya.

First schedule of 'Premikulu' started on 28th January and took place till 5th February 2005. Second schedule would start on 23rd February and the film would be completed in that schedulE.

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