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Muhurat - Devadasu
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24th September 2004
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Bommarillu vaari
(premalo munigi telandi)

Cast: Ram, Ileana & others

Story expansion: MS Prakash
Dialogues: Chintapally Ramana
Cinematographer: Bharani K Dharan
Art: Anand Sai
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Music: Chakri
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Stunts: Vijay
Choreography: Tara, Brinda, Raja Sekhar, Krishna Reddy & Rakesh
Executive producer: Kommineni Venkateswara Rao
Presented by: Yalamanchili Geeta
Story - Screenplay - Producer - Director: YVS Chowdary

Release date: 30th March 2005

YVS Chowdary's latest film 'Devadasu' was launched in a splendid style at floor 3 of Annapurna studios. When a new hero (especially when he is related to film industry), most of our filmmakers tend not to expose them to the press and public till the movie's shoot is completed for various reason. YVS Chowdary has proudly launched his new finds - Ram (son of Mr. Murali - brother of famous producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore) and Ileana (model of Fair and Lovely commercial).

Actors of three generations did honors
ANR, Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna and Allu Arjun - actors of three generations of Telugu cinema - did the honors for muhurtam. Nandamuri Hari Krishna - the hero of Bommarillu banner - performed puja. Allu Arjun gave the sacred script and clap to the hands of YVS Chowdary. Akkineni Nageswara Rao sounded clap board on the lead pair. Nandamuri Bala Krishna switched on the camera.

No comparison with old classic Devadasu
Devadasu is the production no.3 of Bommarillu banner. Speaking to the press YVS Chowdary said that when a film is titled as Devadasu, it is inevitable to draw the comparison to golden oldie Devadasu - the great classic of ANR. However, enough precautions have been to taken to notify that this subject has nothing to do with the old classic by using modern logo and photos of ultramodern lifystle in the 34-page invitation book. However YVS Chowdary said that this Devadasu character has the same kind of depth and commitment in love, but with a positive and modern outlook.

Shooting in India and USA
Shooting of this film would take place in both India and USA as half of the story would take place in India and remaining half in USA. At the same time, 20% of shooting would be done in USA so as to stick to the norms of Film Development Corporation in order to be eligible for the subsidy. The remaining part would be done in similar locations in India.

9 songs in this music
YVS Chowdary who always had MM Keeravani as music director for all his films has preferred Chakri this time. This film would be a musical and would have 9 songs. 6 of these 9 tunes have been already okayed.

Prior experience for Ram
Hero Ram had prior experience in acting as he acted in a short documentary in the past. He has undergone training in acting, dances, fights under the best trainers in those respective professions.

No tragedy in Devadasu
Answering a question YVS Chowdary said that this film would have a happy ending. Ram and Ileana are playing the roles of Devadasu and Bhanumati respectively. After inspiring Bharani K Dharan's work as cinematographer in Pranam film, YVS Chowdary hired him for Devadasu.

30th March 2005 release
Shooting of this film would start on 1st October and would complete on 15th January. YVS Chowdary announced the release date of Devadasu as 30th March 2005.

Hero Ram, heroine Ileana, music director Chakri, story writer MS Prakash and dialogue writer Chintapally Ramana also spoke on this occasion

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