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Muhurat - Poru
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August 15, 2008

The new movie of Real Star Srihari titled Poru was launched today at Savera Function Hall, Hyderabad. The occasion coincided with the birthday celebrations of the star. State Minister Mukesh Gowd sounded the clapboard on Srihari. Chatrapati producer Bhogavalli Prasad switched on the camera. Secunderabad MP Anjan Kumar Yadav rendered the first shot direction.

The film is made on Sri Venkateswara Movies Entertainment banner. Producer is G. Srinivasa Yadav. Music is by Mani Sharma. Stunts by Gilli Sekhar, camera by Bharani and editing is by Gowtham Raju.

Poru – If you don't believe me, you will be cheated
Srihari's opening dialogue for the muhurt shot is that: Nannu nammina vaallu evvaroo moosaporu. Nannu nammani vaalle mosapootharu. Tammudoo, nuvvu nannu nammavu. Vijayam saadhisthavu (Those who believe will never be cheated, but those who will not believe me. Brother, now that you have believed me, you are going to get success.)

Thrilled with director's homework
Srihari said: "I am excited at the homework of director Amma Rajasekhar. First, I thought he was doing some show. But, after observing him, I was convinced with his commitment towards the film and mine characterization as well. During a photo shoot, the director wanted a still, in which I should be sitting in a very uneasy manner. I instantly liked his ideas and his expectations based on his script preparation. He is also a very good choreographer and hence holds an eye for visual splendor. The regular shoot will commence in September."

Powerful war of sympathy
Director Amma Rajasekhar said: "Poru is a powerful war. It's also a sympathy war. Srihari is doing three different and arresting getups in the film. His style and performance will be new. The script is the result of my two years of hard work. I am very much confident that the film is going to be a smashing hit. My previous films – Ranam and Khatarnak had comedy and romance, besides the action part. This film Poru is out and out an emotional film."

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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