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Naaga Audio function
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Naga Audio function

22nd December 2002
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Audio of NTR's crazy product 'Naaga' was released officially today (22nd December 2002) at Annapurna studios by youth hero Tarun. KS Rama Rao, KL Narayana, MS Raju, K Ashok Kumar, Kodali Nani and Naga lakshmi (aadi producer) are the producers who were special invitees. Aditya produced audio for this film.

Scheduled at 7:30 pm the program started at 9 pm as most of the artists and producers were attending the closing ceremony of National Games. The function started with the mimicry by Siva Reddy and Venu Madhav. Suma anchored the event. The Nizam Babulu were also involved in the program. They sat among the audience and spiced up the event with their funny comments. Gemini TV covered this event.

Audio snippets of all these six songs were aired. All songs are mass songs with ample scope for wild dance movements. Three songs from Tamil Kushi adopted into this film. Jyotika introduction song in Kushi is converted in to duet in this film. 'Macarena' and 'Baapu' songs are also adapted into this album. AM Ratnam penned lyrics for 4 songs. Kula Sekhar penned a train song. Chandra Bose penned another mass song that has 'dhool' as a catchword. Dhool in Tamil means 'super'. (Probably this song could be the title song of AM Ratnam's unreleased Tamil film 'Dhool' with Vikram in main lead). NTR came to the dais and danced for a bit in this 'Dhool' song.

Tarun released the cassette and gave it to NTR. Speaking on the occasion Tarun wished that Naaga would be a successful film. He also mentioned the uniqueness of producer AM Ratnam, who is making a film each with three youth heroes NTR (Naaga), Tarun (Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu) and Uday Kiran (Premante Suluvu Kaaduraa).

Dressed in a dazzling white dress, NTR thanked his best friend in the industry Tarun for coming down to the function. He said that he preferred quantity earlier and he was acting in 3 films a year. But with Naaga, he decided that the quality is more important than quantity. He said that his eye for quality has made the film take five months to make. NTR showed his humbleness by mentioning that a film would become hit because of teamwork. A hero/director/producer might guarantee initials at box office, but it's the substance (vishayam) in a film that decides the fate. He addressed Ashok Kumar (producer of Eeswar) as babai and Kodali Naani (his future producer and manager) as Annayya. In this function, he chose not to mention anything about his grandfather (NTR) and babai (Bala Krishna).

Audiocassettes of Naaga would be available in store on 23rd December 2003. This film is slated for the release on 10th of January 2003.

exclusive photo gallery (photos by Giri)




AM Ratnam



NTR, AM Ratnam, Suresh, Tarun

Tarun, NTR, Sunil

The team and guests with Naaga audio

Tarun & NTR


NTR dancing to Dhool song

KL Narayana, KS Rama Rao and K Ashok Kumar

S Gopal Reddy and director Suresh

NTR dressed in black

the dancing Nizam babulu

Sunil, NTR and Tarun

The stage

NTR dressed in black

Naaga title
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