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Poramboku On the sets
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October 12, 2006

Sindhura Puvvu Krishna Reddy is producing a film titled ‘Poramboku’ with Navadeep and Ekta Khosla in the main leads on Tollywood Talkies banner. Srinivasa (Ninnu Choodaka Nenunda Lenu) fame is directing this film. The producer arranged a press meet to announce the progress and the details of the film -

January 2007 release - Krishna Reddy
Producer Krishna Reddy said, “I took a long gap after producing Sindhura Puvvu film. Poramboku film will have 2 hours of entertainment and half an hour of sentiment. Mani Sharma scored six excellent songs. We are planning to release the audio in November 2006. Poramboku film will the marquee in January 2007”

Director Srinivas said, “I am in the film industry for the past 15 years and directed Ninu Choodaka Nenundalenu. Though the title Poramboku denotes to hero as an useless fellow, we are giving a message that nobody is useless if they choose a field of their interest and set a goal to achieve it.”

Writers Ramesh - Gopi said, “We titled this film as Poramboku because subject demanded it. This is the story of a boy who comes from village to the city and proves himself to be a successful man.”

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