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Chiranjeevi launches Praja Rajyam party in Tirupati
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August 26, 2008


Complete text of Chiranjeevi speech at Avilala, Tirupati
My hearty thanks to all of you. You treated me as your brother, son, as sibling, as representative of youth, women development. I am moved at the presence of physically challenged, who have come here despite heavy crowds. Hats off to their moral courage. They are children of God. I also thank the farmers, workers, weavers. Most of them are not able to earn their proper livelihood, but they have come all the way from different places to bless me. I will not forget the love and affection of the poor and downtrodden.

This Tirupati meet has come to make a wonderful and historical summit. All the people are watching this. I thank the media, police, government and everybody who cooperated for the success of this meet. Welcome… grand welcome to all.

22 years in my mom’s care; 30 in people’s heart
My special thanks to my mother. She told me: You are the elder person in the family. You should be the protector of our family. I went to Madras, I stepped into film industry. I became an actor. For the last thirty years, you kept me in your hearts. Now, you are asking me to come for you. You called me back to serve you. I was in my mother’s care for 22 years. But, you are nurturing me for the last thirty years. I thank my parents for giving me birth. But, you spelt a new meaning to my life for which I shall be grateful to you. I am dedicating my life to you …l all through my life. Your call is my fortune. Your invitation is the greatest opportunity to realize my life in a more meaningful direction. Today, your solidarity and the blessings of Tirumala Lord are with me. They are giving me sea of confidence that I can do anything. I bow my head to you. I am content as an actor. I am here to strengthen your dreams. You offered the opportunity to serve you. If only my father was alive, he would have felt happy at this hour. By the time I got ready to respond your call, he was no more. But, your cheers (jejelu) will reach him. (Huge shouts from the crowds). Today is the birthday of universal mother Mother Teresa, though she was baptized on August 27th. Our party is the gift from her, for our great future. Our party’s emergence is in tune with the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar, Mother Teresa and Pule. I need their blessings.

I know the tears of suffering millions
Chranjeevi knows the tears of the suffering millions. Chiranjeevi spent his life in the glamour world for three decades. What does he know about politics and people’s problems? For people who question like this, I am going to answer now. All these thirty years, what you know about Chiranjeevi is just one side of the coin. The other side is there. You don’t know about that. I also didn’t tell about this. Now, I got the opportunity to tell you about my past.

(At this point, there was commotion among the crowds. The address was stopped for a few minutes. Chiru requested the fans to be disciplined and not resort to any emotive modes… Please control. Let us show our discipline. Come on, he said.)

I faced hunger, wore half trousers in shame
Chiru resumed: You proved the discipline. Thank you very much. Now, it is time for me to introspect about my past. I am the son of a very ordinary employee. Today, I am what I am as succored by your love and affection. My father was a police constable. When (my) mother was 16 or 17, she gave birth to me. I was both the boy and toy to my mom, who was then to have been playing like a child. My life started as an ordinary man from the lower middle class family. I still remember when my mother used to carry me on one side and on the other side water pot, at Nidadavolu. That time I was about three years old. As I grew up, I collected sticks from the nearby forest, went to kirana shop for procuring provisions. To transport the firewood to the house, there was no money with us. I used to carry it twice on my shoulders. I feel the weight of that even today. During rainy season, the firewood would get wet. That would make us go foodless. My mother used to puff out the smoking oven to her heart’s full. When my father was on leave or transfer, there would be no salary to him. That time, we spent a number of hungry days and nights. My mother would prompt me search for some coins in rusty boxes, which I would do shaking off the clothes. During holidays, I used to take up farming on our field. I was born in Mogaltur. When I was in tenth class, I wore half trousers for several months. My mother wanted me to adjust with that as we had no money. I controlled those shameful moments in my life. In 1969, cyclone hit our area. I still remember how we all cuddled ourselves into a single room with water around. All our provisions were gone. Virtually, we went out of food for several days. Most time, we just survived on Chaddi Annamu and Puli Annamu. When I was an actor with Rs. 125 a month in Chennai, I used to live with one time meal a day, sustaining on tea.

I am never far away from common man
Similarly, my characters in films reflect my past and remind the suffering of the poor and downtrodden. My roles were never far from reality. They were not fiction. In Punadhi Rallu, I did the role of a Dalit youth. In Swayam Krishi, I was a cobbler. In Kondaveeti Donga, I was an IAS officer from tribal clan. I represented the community of the riksha pullers, auto drivers and the like. I was never away from the common man. Your love and affection remind of my mission. I am proud to say that Chiranjeevi knows both “ganji” and Benji (Benz). I swam at the rivulet at Mogaltur and did scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean. I played with the kite and at the same time did somersault in New Zealand and did sky diving. I saw great cities of the world. I know each and every corner of the world and saw life in its all pervading angles and directions. I lost nothing in life.

Don’t care for mudslingers
How I live, where I live? It doesn’t matter. My life is full of gratitude for people. Why this great love for me? I got call from people, I told my mom. She warned me against the mudslinging seen everyday in TVs. She aired out doubts whether I was ready to take them. Even after 65 years of Independence, hunger deaths, suicides, go your way. I told her about this. She rightly understood this. I told her about the words of Abdul Kalam garu. Go, help them, and give your helping hand. Don’t care any mud, they don’t touch you. They don’t stop your way. My mom said. What can you do alone? Sindhu oka bindhuvu thone. Modhati adugu matrame kashtam. Ee prayaanam loo vese adugulu santhosham thesthayani thelusu. With this belief, the launch of this great mission from Tirupati is taken up.

Decision taken, no going back
After taking this decision, there is no going back. Only getting ahead. I am not your leader, I am your servant. Politics and service are different from each other. Service is prominent. Power is not important and necessary. Service is our aim and ultimate goal. To bring respect to politics, our main objective. We don’t care anybody who resorts to mudslinging on us. Our only answer is seva seva seva to people.

Party is platform for social service
All are looking with curiosity. They want to know about the name, flag and agenda of the party. We all need some platform to serve people effectively. With confidence on you, I started blood bank. To do more effective service, I need a strong platform. For that we require a party, we need the help of intellectuals. You all should come as servants of such a mission. Party's announcement is first phase and hoisting of flag comes last. Anni vargala varu, anni pranthala varoo, ikkadaku vachharu. We selected some of them. Through them, we are going to inaugurate the party. Social justice is our goal. Minorities are getting the benefits and majority is being ignored. Everybody is important to society. We need inputs from one and all. Only when you all join together and strike a balance, we will succeed in our goal. Agenda is not my own decision. Democracy is going to shine in our party. Secularism is also our goal. So, before hoisting the party, I tell you. This is people's party. It comes from their heart, from their intellect, for the poor and downtrodden, to give power to women, farmers and weavers.

Progress is buzzword
At this 21st century, our party will go in the direction of progress. It takes into its fold industrial development, social revolution and all culminating into a Santosh Andhra Pradesh, Chiru Navvula Andhra Pradesh, Anandamaina Andhra Pradesh. Our party should be a pathfinder to the world. You all should be like the pillars of it.

Energies not streamlined
There were several obstacles for us when we want to say the party’s name. Now, I will tell you the basics of our party. Details of the agenda would be dealt with later in a detailed manner. I will tell you about my vision and mission in particular. After that, we are going to hoist our flag. When I went to foreign countries, their roads, basic amenities, education, health and the social benefits they get from the government, non-discrimination, singular health and education policy, everything moved me. They are leading very peaceful life. Why we are not living like them? Is God partial towards foreign countries? No. He is only partial to our country, our Andhra Pradesh. We are bestowed with natural and human resources. In no way he made us little. We have perennial river systems, mineral and forest wealth. Above all, youth power, their zealous mission, their thinking prowess, their honesty. But, their energies are not being streamlined into an effective channel. There are no efforts made in the direction of implementing this great strength. Now, motivation is required. Differences in showing equal opportunities to all should be buried. I set up Blood bank only with belief in you. We are second to none in this world. The strength of my fans is great and it should work like a united force with proper planning. You proved that there is no scarcity for blood in our state. Let us move with missionary zeal. My dear friends; let us move ahead.

Praja Rajyam is party’s name
We should administer ourselves. We should rule ourselves. This party’s name is emerging from you, the people. It is from your greater wish for self-rule. (Chiranjeevi quipped: Why in hurry to know about party’s name? Didn’t I feel the tension all these days? ) Ready … Five… Four…. Three… Two… One… The party’s name is Praja Rajyam.

Agriculture and farmers
Rendering a revolutionary lyric by Sri Sri, Chiru said: It gives me great strength that you have accepted me as the representative of the poor and downtrodden. Agriculture has suffered a lot and it is going backwards. Farmers are committing suicide. Farming is getting tougher and tougher each day. Much concentration is on robbing farmers’ votes. Are we for their votes? They are victims of fake seeds. They are not getting minimum support price for their produce. In turn, they are thrown into debts. If we neglect agriculture and farmers, development is impossible. They are gong to disappear. So, farmers are going to get huge share in our agenda.

For those who are economically backward, education is like “Andhani Draksha”. In a number of schools, there are no teachers and vice versa. The students are made to sit on the hard floor. They can’t afford to corporate education and there is a lot of differentiation in social classes in pursuing quality education. Those who have no access to education are becoming child labors. For those who can to some extent, they are turning into machines who just study for nothing. There is no link between what the students are studying and what are taking up as professions. I want complete change in this education system. No student should get dropped from education for lack of opportunities.

We when look at our health front, it is disappointing. When a lady reaches Gandhi Hospital (Hyderabad) for delivery, there is no bed for her. She is forced to give birth on the verandahs with women just helping her…forming a closet with their sarees. Why should a child be born like that? And why should a woman give birth to a child like that? It is shame on society. Are we human beings or what? Are we living in forests? In villages, the situation is even more gruesome. There are no doctors, no medicines. Those who become victims of snake and dog bites are just helpless and are at grave risk of loosing their lives. We are going to change this phenomenon and bring justice to all.

Middle Class
The Middle Class is going through a tough phase in the state. They can’t purchase rice at Rs. 25 per kilo and can’t eat the rice at Rs. 2 a kilo. Their plight is strange. Even if they take Rs. 500/- to the market, they can’t get a bagful of vegetables. They can’t afford to outing at least once in a week. For sending their kids to LKG, they have to spend thousands of rupees, and for colleges, in lakhs. Own house is a big dream to them. They are able to sleep properly, eat properly. They are hit by debts.

Our party gives prime importance to workers. Everywhere they are subjected to deprivation. The unorganized sector is the worst hit. They are not getting the right wages for their hard labor.

We consider women as “Bhumatha” (Mother Earth). They play varied and responsible roles as mother, sister and spouse. But, they are getting weaker mentally and physically. They don’t have proper rights. Why are they subjected to discrimination? Mahila means Maha Shakti. Let us strengthen her (Woman). They should be given a big seat in political power also.

Class IV Employees
We have also noted the difficultires of the Class IV employees. They look forward to every month’s 1st. They should be made to live a respectful life. I am for providing them decent working hours and salaries. Their living standards will be improved.

Human resources:
Every one of is like a power house, a dynamic missile. Each one of you is a challenge, capacity, potentiality, capability. You are the real workers who are going to achieve anything. As Swami Vivekananda said, youth form 50 percent of the country’s power. Youth will be given absolutely a great place.

In villages, there are no hospitals and no medicines. The mortality rate among children and women is high. Most of the ladies hostels have no proper facilities. Everywhere, farmers, weavers and all sections of the people are suffering with multiple problems. We all should hang our heads in shame. The prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing. Ours is a richest stage with the poorest people. We are just mesmerizsed with four-lane roads. But, everywhere we have pits on roads. Our adapadachulu (women of Andhra Pradesh) have to walk long distances for procuring drinking water.

In our country, they take money from us for doing things what they should do. This is corruption. I am sad corruption has got institutionalized. Eradication of corruption is on the high in our agenda. We want to first root out the political corruption, which is the cause of all other forms of it. Part and parcel of the public life is mired in corruption. The pest attack only the surface, but the pest of corruption will spoil the system right from the roots. There are three reasons for corruption: 1) Hunger 2) Necessity and 3) Greed. Of all these three, the third one is most dangerous, and it is this form which is plaguing our system. Long back, Rajiv Gandhi said that the value of rupee while reaching the public at the receiving end was worth just 19 paise. This kind of corruption and robbery are a pest to our nation. I want this rupee to reach the public as rupee. We are going to give much importance to irrigation projects, farmers’ welfare. Corruptoin is construction of irrigation projects should go. Water to all is our motto.

Liquor policy
The kick of liquor is destroying a large number of families. It is affecting the middle class people the worst. Definitely, we are going to take a policy on this after scientific study of the issue and bring solace the women.

SC, BCs and Kapus
We are also considering a practical approach towards the issues: Naxalism, categorization of SC and BCs, inclusion of kapus into the BCs, Telangana. I can’t take decisions on these important issues as a single man. We will take up a scientific study of these issues. We need a big exercise on this with the involvement of intellectuals. Theses should be solved in tune with the aspirations of the public. Before tackling these issues, I will tell you reasons for cropping up of them.

Naxal Problem
Naxalite problem has come from the poor. To kill four is not enough. Some of the youth are deviating from the right path. It is not just to continue this trend. We want to concentrate on the very roots of this problem. I am not seeing this as law and order problem, but a social problem. Let us study this collectively. I will come before you on this issue soon. I know the risky lives of the police personnel. We are going to provide them proper opportunities, besides reducing the stress factor on them and modernizing their work culture. By all means, we will be with them.

Tribal welfare
Deaths due to anemia are a commonplace in tribal belts. We are committed to the tribal welfare. Similarly, Muslim minorities and other classes will be given their due share in the governance. We will study their issues thoroughly.

Selling of Government lands and SEZs
Long back, lands are meant for living, but now-a-days, it is for selling. In the name of budgeteary support, the government is selling the lands and forcefully acquiring lands from the farmers. We are against taking agriculture lands for forming Special Economic Zones (SEZs). It is very unjust to convert farming lands into SEZs and selling government lands. Though this might bring temporary relief, it is very dangerous to our future generations. Farmers are frightened about their lands being taken away. They are shaken that at anytime they can see factories on the green fields. We are against selling of government lands. At the same time, we are not against industrialization. We are not going to use farming lands for industrialization. Industries would be taken care of in lands which are not meant for agriculture.

Gram Swarajyam
We are going to make Gandhi’s dream of Gram Swarajyam, a reality. In distributing funds… each rupees passing through the public should be reaching them as rupee in tact. Due to pressing problems, most villages are loosing their life and sheen. We are going to provide good life to villagers.

We are going to make the words of Abdul Kalam garu a reality. We will be creating the amentias of the cities in villages. Past glory to villages will be brought back. But, now, self reliance is lost. We take every care to provide funds for village development. Villages are part of government. Funds to civic bodies are important.

There is a lot of backwardness among the OCs (Other castes). They too find it difficult to meet their requirements on the health and education fronts. We will provide them with quality education and healthcare. The economically backward classes will also be taken care of.

We will cooperate if Telangana is to separate
Problems are everywhere and in all the three regions of Rayalaseema, Telangana and Coastha. This is the problem with their self-respect. Telangana is the land of Koti Rathanalaseema, according to Dasaradhi garu. Telangana is a historical place. Rayalaseema is also place where Kalalu (fine arts) have flourished. There is lot of poverty in coastal areas. All these problems are due to the negligence of the governments. Telangana sentiment should be respected. If there is a necessity to separate Telangana, let us do it amicably. We will cooperate.

Nature is big inspiration
After hoisting the party flag, Chiru said: “Nature is our inspiration. To see sunrise overseeing green fields is a great delight. In Nature, Sun is the giver of strength. The Sun rays are like 24. Akin to that, we are should work 24 hours a day. Like Sunrays, we will spread to each and every corner of the state. Red color in the Sun symbolizes revolution. White color represents unity of all, mix of all categories into one entity. It also mans transparency in governance. Green represents farmers. Yellow ring round the Sun is for realizing Chiru Navvula Andhra Pradesh. The Green Color is also representing the Muslims; the Red, Hindus; and; white, Christianity.

Problems are our enemies
In fact, the various problems led to a rage in our hearts. Our enemies are our own problems. We are in the battle field. We are going to wage a war against people’s issues. It is a Great War. We are all fighters and there is no leader. I am also a sainikudu. We should protect our Rajyam. We are not going to find any obstacles in our battle, because, we don’t have selfishness and we are not afraid of anyone. We are going to win the battle. We are powered with the strength of the youth, women, farmers, workers, fishermen, geetha karmikulu. Progress of our state is our goal. We want this revolutionary change. We are going to get beautiful future for us. We are going to eradicate poverty. Let us see happiness and smile in each and every face. There are people who would pull us backwards. But, each time we are pulled backwards, we should emerge forward with double the vigor and reach the goal. Let us fight united… for ourselves and for our posterity.

I should live, not act
You have given a role, in which I can’t act, but only live. You said: “Action.” And I should live in this new role. My life is dedicated to you. At this Maha Sankalpa Sabha, this is my promise. Thank you very much.

Concluding his speech, Chiranjeevi repeatedly asked the fans to “be careful” and reach their destinations safely. “I want all of you to be happy.”

Mana Rajyam Surajyam. Swarajyam. Prajala Rajyam. Praja Rajyam!! Jai Hind!!!!

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