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Press meet - Baladoor
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July 16, 2008

ullasamga utsahamga

Ravi Teja-Anushka starrer of Suresh Productions has been officially given the title as Baladoor (with caption – Veediki Bhadyata Lekkuva). For the first time, the unit today arranged a press briefing to appraise of the latest developments about the film. Producer Suresh Babu, director Uday Shankar, script writer (and one of the artistes) Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Music director KM Radhakrishna and editor Marthand K. Venkatesh took part in the meet.

A mix of mass and family elements - Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said: “We have given a very racy title in tune with the body language of Ravi Teja, but at the same time, it will have perfect relevance to the entire film and the subject that was dealt with. Superstar Krishna played the role of hero’s pedananna (uncle) and brought richness to the project. Chandramohan played the role of Krishna’s brother and hero’s dad. The theme has a financial backdrop. Supposing there are two beggars. If one gets two rupees and the other, one rupee, there will emerge a big fight between them. This theory and practical sense belongs to all sections of the society, poor or rich. Similarly, the film deals with two families. After Kalisundham Raa, Uday Shankar is working for Suresh Productions. We have so far worked for 45 films with this banner. Out of these, nearly forty were hits. We feel very comfortable working here, because of the flexibility and scope for innovative thoughts. The role of Anushka is that she comes from a village and does medicine. Comedy is also given a big place. The comedy might seem to run as a separate track, but it is integrated with the main story. Ravi Teja, who plays the role as Baladoor, makes the workshop of Brahmanandam as his place for doing pichcha pati. Sunil is another comedian who joins the league. We all worked hard with a new feel, because it is not a remake, but a manuscript film.”

Lively, romantic Anushka - Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu said: “Baladoor’s audio will be released in a week’s time. The film will hit the screens in August. The story is treated to suit Ravi Teja’s style. At the same time, it is a clean familuy entertainer. I can even call it a romantic family entertainer. Earlier, we considered the titles as Intikokkadu and Kalasiunte Kaladhu Sukuam – in tune with the tradition of Suresh Productions, known for its family-oriented films. But, we finalized Baladoor.”

“You all know the energy of Ravi Teja. Anushka is very lively, very romantic and very entertaining. There are six songs and six fights. Music director Radhakrishna came out with mass music. The role of Krishna is that of an evolved man, say head of the family. He is the sort of a man who is not bothered about the surroundings.”

Mind-blowing business trends
Replying to a question whether the film Baladoor was already sold out, Suresh Babu said: “The times are fast changing. It is also applicable to film industry. Everything is getting corporatized. The business trends are mind-blowing. We have to get tuned to these developments. We may buy films and we may sell films. It will become a common feature in the coming years. See, for instance the film business in Mumbai. It is like accounting and balancing.”

Tollywood shoots in Uzbekistan
“For the first time, we (Tollywood) shot a song sequence in Uzbekistan (formerly with USSR), the land of mystic beauty. The picturesque locations included the historical Silk Route. We also shot the songs in Germany and Austria,” Suresh Babu added.

Spicy Music this time: Radhakrishna
Music director Radhakrishna said: “I am happy that I could select beautiful songs for Baladoor. Generally, I am known for soft music, but this time, I provided very spicy music. The songs are both artistic and mass. I thank Suresh Babu for giving me an opportunity to work with Suresh Productions.”

The cast includes: LB Sriram, Chalapati Rao, Pradeep Rawat, Ahuti Prasad, Siva Prasad, Sameer, Raja Ravindra, Subba Raju, Suman Setty, Mallikharjuna Rao, Melkoti, Ravi Prakash, Satya Prakash, Narsing Yadav and others.

The crew: Dr. D. Ramanaidu presents the film. Dialogues are by Lakshmi Bhupal. Script is written by Paruchuri Brothers. Lyrics are by Veturi, Chandrabose, Peddada Murthy, A. Sriram. Brinda, Dinesh and Prem Rakshit are choreographers. Editing is by Marthand K. Venatesh. Cinematography is by B. Balamururan. Stunts are by Ram-Lakshman. Story and direction is by Uday Shankar.

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