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Press Meet - Bhukailas
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April 6, 2007

Comedy director Siva Nageswara Rao is directing a film titled Bhukailas with Venu Madhav as hero. Gowri Mumjal, Mumaith Khan and Suhasini are playing female leads. The unit arranged a press meet to explain the progress of the film -

Producer Gurunadha Reddy said, “Most of the talkie part of the film is complete. Picturization of three songs is over. We will go to Europe countries to shoot the remaining two songs of the film. Audio will be launched in this month and movie will be released in the next month. Bhukailas is a comedy entertainer that looks the present real estate boom from a humorous angle.”

Director Siva Nageswara Rao said, “It is a tailor-made character of Venu madhav. The story of the film deals with how a man from lower strata of society behaves when he becomes billionaire overnight due to real-estate boom. The title ‘Bhukailas’ and the tagline ‘Ekaram 50 kotlu’ will speak for the story of the film.”

Ali said, “I am doing a funny character of film director who want to lure hero venu madhav to act in his film after coming to know that he made billions by selling his lands. We have venu madhav ‘5 star’ in this film. Siva Nageswara Rao is known for his comedy timing and that will help the film a lot.”

Venu Madhav said, “I would like to thank producer and director for giving me this opportunity. I like MM Keeravani’s music a lot. I am feeling happy that MM Keeravani is composing music for this film along with Rohit Raj. There are five songs in this film and four choreographers are composing steps. Two songs are going to be shot in Europe. This film will be a hilarious comedy entertainer.”

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