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Press meet - Ek Police
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June 9, 2008


Kodi Ramakrishna-directed film, starring Nagababu, Lakshana (debut heroine from Kerala), Gayatri Rao (Happy Days girl), and four other male leads, is titled Ek Police. The film’s last schedule of talkie is currently going on at a forest location set in an old Nizam period bungalow at Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Made on NH Rushya Producitons, producer is NH Bhaskara Reddy. Camera is by Srinivasa Reddy. Koti scores music. The unit arranged a press meet to announce the title and brief about the film’s progress.

Biography of a police officer - Nagababu
Lead actor Nagababu said: “The film is the biography of an energetic and upright police officer. It’s a thrill working with senior director like Kodi Ramakrishna. We feel more educated about acting. He has the special knack for characterization, especially with police roles, villains and new artistes. A captain of no compromise, he keeps the entire cast and crew concentrate on quality work. This Kodi-style of making will be clear to the audiences once again with this film. I thank the producer for giving encouragement to all on the sets.”

Nagababu’s cop-role is frightening - Kodi
Director Kodi Ramakrishna said: “The support of producer Bhaskara Reddy is amazing. I hear big media hype about this film. With the news of Nagababu doing a police role, our project obtained more crazy dimensions. In fact, he is doing the super cop role. His body language and ferocious acting have well suited the character. He is also a sort of person, who is far away from publicity mania. As a terrific police officer, Nagababu’s characterization is frightening. There is a ‘papa sentiment’ attached the moviemaking. It is made on the banner Rushya Productions, after producer’s daughter. Main theme is the power of honest police officers and their readiness for sacrifice. If the police department gets a free hand from the government and politicians, Ramrajya is possible in just 24 Hours.”

Kodi further rejected the rumors that he had dealt with politics and individual criticism. “I never deal with individuals. Take for example, my previous films – Bharat Bandh and Ankusam. They are about a system - political or police department, not about individuals. Similarly, I concentrate on the current day political and social conditions. I am not bothered about individuals. Stories based on a system will have longevity.”

No Adhinayakudu, but Ek Police - Bhaskar Reddy
Producer Bhaskar Reddy said: “It’s an honor to make a film with Kodi Ramakrishna. Title of the film – Ek Police - is hundred percent apt to the story. After the film release, people of every village, town and city in the state crave for a police officer like the one played by Nagababu. Sixty percent of the shoot is done. This schedule will continue till July 10th. We are planning release after that. The rumor that the film was titled Adhinayakudu had helped boost up publicity for our venture.”

Sekhar Kammula is like school; Kodi, a university - Gayatri
Interestingly, comparing her directors Sekhar Kammula and Kodi Ramakrishna, budding heroine Gayatri said: Sekhar is like a school and Kodi Ramakrishna, a university. Heroine Lakshana and male leads (Bhushan, Samrat, Suryacharan and Dheeraj) thanked the producer and director for their luck working for the film. Kodi Ramakrishna also prompted villains and fighters to share their experiences working in the film.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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