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Press Meet : Maithi Kalamandir Prod No.1
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March 5, 2006
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Maithri Kalamandir
Production No.1

Cast: Tara, venu Gopal, Priyanka, Jayaprakash Reddy, Suman, Eeswari Rao, Chandra Mohan, Babu Mohan, Ranganath, Raghubabu, Venu Madhav, Duvvasi Mohan, Mukkuraju, Delhi Rajeswari, Devi Sri, Siva Parvathi, Srinivas Bhavani

: Koti
Story - Lyrics: Andesri
Dialogues: Maithri Unit
Cinematography: Ram Pinisetty
Art: Babji
Editing: V Nagireddy
Direction: Vemu
Producer: Sekhar Yalamanchi

Journalist Sekhar Yalamanchi who worked with Eenadu Newspaper is entering film production by starting Maithri Kalamandir banner. He is making a film on atrocities committed with the system of Jogini in Telangana. National award winning actress (2005) Tara is doing a vital role in this film. Venu Gopal and Priyanka are main leads. Vemu directs this film. The unit invited press to Rama Naidu studios at Nanakramguda to explain the progress.

National award winning actress Tara said, “I entered the film industry as child actress. I worked in Telugu films like Neti Siddardha, Pellichesi Choodu, Maa Inti Katha etc. I am acting in Telugu films again after a gap of more than a decade. I am feeling more responsible towards my profession and the roles I chose after winning National Award. I started my career with small roles and I have no God Father in the industry. The media helped me a lot by projecting me in good light. I liked the story of this film a lot and Koti composed amazing tunes.”

Producer Sekhar Yalamanchi said, “This film has the backdrop of Jogini system which is still practiced in certain parts of Telangana. Andesri is providing story and lyrics. Award winning actress Tara is playing the pivotal role of Devakka in this film. Tara accepted this role even though we are not paying her much. Vemu who directed films like Awaragadu and Premante Made is directing this film.”

Director Vemu said, “The entire film is having the backdrop of Telangana. There are 8 songs in this film. Jaya Prakash is doing the role of Telangana Patel. We started the shooting of this film in February and are planning to wrap it up by the 1st week of April. This film is based on real incidents.”

Music director Koti said that he is using live orchestra to score music for this film. Dialogue writer Ande Sri said that it is like dream come true to provide story for a film. And story of the film is based on a song written by him.

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