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Press meet - Manga Tayaru Tiffin Center
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December 30, 2007

Mumaith Khan’s Manga Tayaru Tiffin Center completed its shoot today. The unit held a press meet today.

Speaking on the occasion Mumaith Khan said, “You saw me in exposing roles earlier. But Manga Tayaru Tiffin Center is a full family entertainer with good emotions and comedy. Venky taught me a lot during the shoot of the film. My films are generally loud. But my performance in this film is little subtle. Swarna master used me properly for the songs in this film. For the first time I went to Rajahmundry to shoot for this film.”

Producer Paidi Babu said, “Mumaith Khan cooperated well with us. Initially we planned the movie for 45 working days. But the director is so efficient that he completed it in 41 days. All the artists came to sets at 7 am in Rajahmundry.”

Director Venky said, “The producer registered the title first and then fixed Mumaith Khan as hero. Then he called me asked me to prepare a story. It is a village subject like Kabaddi Kabaddi. Mumaith Khan is doing a role with different shades. All the character sin this film are realistic. Ali did a guest role.”

Shafi said that he is doing an important role with negative shades.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)


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