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Cinematic gets QUBE XP - E to Hyderabad
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18 November 2010

Cinematica Digitals Pvt Ltd - spearheaded by Allu Venkatesh (Bobby) - elder son of Allu Arvind- is bringing QUBE digital XP - E to Hyderabad. Cinematica has arranged a press meet in Cinemax to preview the 3-D effects rendered by this projection system and for a question and answer session. It was attended by SS Rajamouli, Meher Ramesh, Guna Sekhar, Senthil Kumar, Allu Arvind, Shyam Prasad Reddy etc.

Speaking on the occasion CEO Allu Venkatesh said, “QUBE digital system has the unique advantage of doing away with the expensive process of film printing. The quality of projection will not deteriorate over a period of time. QUBE projector is less expensive than the regular projector and the power consumption is around 50% of that of regular projection. One can prevent piracy and find out the pirates easily. We also provide QUBE digital XP - E technology that helps in 3-D films. The projection by this kind of 3-D system will have less stress on the eyes of viewers. We are also in the business of helping out 3-D filmmakers in India. It is also possible to convert 2-D films into 3-D films. Senthil is a forerunner in India when it come to these technologies. We are associating with him for mutual benifit”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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