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January 19, 2009


The team of Raaz 2 (the mystery continues..) visited Cinemax in Hyderabad to promote their 23 March release. Emraan Hashmi, Mahesh Bhatt, Adhyayan Suman and Mohit Suri attended this event.

Speaking on the occasion Mahesh Bhatt said, “I consider this film as a sparkling debut for Adhyayan Suman. I groomed Emraan Hashmi and I am proud that he has become a star today. Mohan Suri is one of the brightest talents in India. We are releasing the film on 23 January. I am very proud of Raaz.”

Actor Emraan Hashmi said, “I had strange experiences whenever I came to Hyderabad. I was kissed by cheer leaders when I came in the last year. I was kissed by a man when I came before that. I love horror flicks. It instills fear into the minds of audiences. I never found any of earlier Bollywood horror flicks exciting. Raaz is going to be an exciting film. Maahi and Sonio songs became chartbusters already.”

Director Mohit Suri said, “I came to Hyderabad for the promotion of my film Kaliyug in the past. I spent 15 months of my life to Raaz film. It is a dream come true for me to do a horror film.”

Actor Adhyayan Suman said, “It was Mahesh Bhatt who introduced me. I am given a second chance by him with Raaz. I saw Raaz film and it is unbelievably good.”

Q & A session:

You found many actors. Who is your next find?
Mahesh Bhatt: Lots of youngsters are mistaking their appetite for movies to be their talent. 99.99% of the youngsters who want to become actors are not made for it. Only 0.01% youngsters have it in themselves to make it big.

How different is Raaz 2 from Raaz?
Mahesh Bhatt: Raaz 2 has nothing to do with Raaz. Raaz 2 is a great story told on the moral decay of contemporary India. Raaz 2 will change the landscape of Bollywood.

Raaz 2 is not a sequel to your Raaz film. Then why did you title it so?
Mahesh Bhatt: This is a brand hungry age. We created a brand name called Raaz in the past. And it helps to exploit the market if we keep the same name. Many more films will follow using Raaz name in the future.

Your production house is known for churning out small budget films. What about Raaz 2?
Mahesh Bhatt: Raaz 2 is an expensive film. We have Sony BMG as partner in our film to share the burden.

Why did you stop directing films?
Mahesh Bhatt: Individuals have limited creativity levels. Dream is the same, but the dreamers do change. My role is like a parent now. I am passing on the information to the next generation. I am not into making films now. I am into ‘destiny making business’.

Are you breaking from the image of lover boy and a kisser in this film?
Emraan Hashmi: The character in this film has darker shades associated with it. I like the dark side of a human persona. I passed on the responsibility of kissing in this film to my co-actor Adhyayan Suman. I am sick of kissing in films now.

How do you select the characters?
Emraan Hashmi: The character should be memorable. I don’t mind even if it is of less screen time. The character I donned in Kaliyug is good, but a brief one.

If you were to do Dostana, will you accept it? Who do you prefer your partner to be?
Emraan Hashmi: Yes. I would love to do a film like Dostana. I don’t get to choose other actors in my films. It is director’s job.

You look like a singer in your films. Are you a singer?
Emraan Hashmi: I am a trained classical singer. But I don’t want to sing in film.

Is Raaz 2 inspired by any Hollywood film?
Mohit Suri: There is a doha by Saint Kabir which goes like ‘greater evil is not outside. It is inside you’. This film talks about that concept. The dark side of human being.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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