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Press Meet - Shiva 2006
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September 10, 2006

Shiva 2006 is all set to release on 14th of this month (a day ahead of Hindi version release). On this eve, Kona Venkat arranged a press meet with the hero Mohit at Tabla Restaurant, Hyderabad.

Shiva is trilingual now - Kona Venkat
Speaking on the occasion writer and executive producer Kona Venkat said, “Ramu wanted to do two versions of Shiva each in Telugu and Tamil. He wanted to cast Nagarjuna for Telugu version, but with any other director. Then Ramu and Nagarjuna opined that nobody other than Ram Gopal Varma could do justice to a sequel that follows a legendry film like Shiva (1989). Hence they dropped the idea of having a separate Telugu version. Ram Gopal Varma has gone ahead and shot Hindi version of Shiva with Mohit as hero. Ilayara Raja scored music. Ram Lakshman (Telugu stunt masters) composed fights. After watching the film, we felt that we should do Telugu version too. After watching the double positive of Shiva, popular Tamil producer Kalaipuli Thanu bought the Tamil rights. He wants to make sure that he releases the Tamil version with complete post production done separately for Tamil. He is going to release Tamil version of Shiva as Udayam on 29th of September (15 days after the release of Telugu version). Telugu version and Hindi version will be released on 14th and 15th of September respectively. We had Ram Lakshman doing fight work for Shock film. Impressed by their work, Ram Gopal Varma is introducing these twins in Hindi with Shiva 2006.”

Honest cop fight corruption in cop system - Mohit
Speaking on the occasion actor Mohit said, “I am doing the role of honest cop fighting the corruption in the system. Shiva film has the backdrop of college and the rowdy system. Shiva 2006 will have the backdrop of Mumbai police and the underworld. This Shiva too will have crisp and impact making dialogues. I am playing the role of Amitab Bachchan in the remake of Sholay that is going to be directed by Ram Gopal Varma.”

Fight masters Ram and Lakshman said, “We made our debut as fights with Shiva film under the guidance of Raju master. We feel fortunate that we are making our debut in Hindi films with Ram Gopal Varma’s Shiva 2006. We were nervous in the beginning. But Ram Gopal Varma explained things in a simple manner and got the best from us. We learnt a lot from him. We would like to thank Suman and Kona Venkat. Mohit’s physic and body language helped the fights a lot.”

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