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Simha anti-piracy press meet
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10 May 2010

2 crore fund for Simha piracy eradication – Paruchuri Prasad
Paruchuri Prasad held at a press meet today to call out for anti piracy action against Simha film. He said, “Simha film has entered into 2nd week and trade pundits are unable to estimate the kind of heights Simha is reaching commercially. In order for Simha to attain the unimaginable heights, the eradication of the piracy is a must. We are currently waging a war against piracy. Simha pirated CDs are not available in AP. I heard that they are available in Bangalore. I request all the fans of Bala Krishna and Telugu cinema lovers to help us in eradicating the piracy. We are going to give rupees 2000 as prize money for people who gives us lead to piracy. If the pirates are arrested then we are going to select 3 of such people who brought pirate to books from each district and give a prize money of 2 lakhs. Bala Krishna will hand over the prize money to such volunteers. We are keeping 2 crores rupees aside to fight against piracy. Bala Krishna will hand over a cheque of 5 lakhs to police welfare fund for their co-operation to us in eradicating piracy.”

Temple tour by Simha unit
Director Boyapati Seenu said, “There is a Lakshmi Narasimha temple song in Simha movie. The unit of Simha will tour all temples of Lakshmi Narasimha in Yadagiri Gutta, Vedadri, Mangalagiri, Antarvedi,Simhachalam, Ahobilam and Dharmapuri soon.”

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