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Varudu heroine Bhanu Sri Mehra revealed
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10 April 2010

Bhanu Sri Mehra – heroine of Varudu movie is introduced officially to press today at a press meet arranged at the office of Guna Sekhar. Allu Arjun, Bhanu Sri Mehra and Guna Sekhar attended it.

Allu Arjun said, “We deliberately hid heroine from the media before the release because there is a thrill factor for hero when he sees heroine for the first time in marriage. We wanted the audiences to go through the same emotions as hero character. It also created hype to the movie. This movie grossed the biggest share for me in the first week at box office. People are clapping for the ‘seelam’ dialogue in the movie. I am getting tremendous mails from girls regarding the same dialogue/scene.”

Heroine Bhanu Sri Mehra said, “I am basically from Amritsir and I went to Mumbai in search of movie opportunities. I feel lucky to act with Allu Arjun in my first movie. It’s a memorable feeling. I would like to do many Telugu/Tamil flicks in the future. I completed my graduation in mass media. I got trained with Bikshu before doing Varudu movie. We did rehearsals before doing my character in Varudu. I prefer decent characters to glamour roles. I will reveal my future project details in a few days.”

Guna Sekhar said, “Our strategy of hiding the heroine prior to release worked in favour of the movie. Family crowds are loving Varudu. This movie reached the targeted audiences. Chiranjeevi’s voice-over in the beginning is also a big help.”

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