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Aakasamantha sucess meet
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30 March, 2009

aakasamantha success meet

Success meet of Aaksamantha was held at Prasad Labs on the night of 30 March.

Guest JK Bharavi said, “I could identify myself in the role of father character played by Prakash Raj in Aakasamantha. Whoever watched this film will come out with their personal relevance to this film. Director Radha Mohan came up with a new screenplay. This film teaches us how parents should be.”

Guest Indira Parimi (Sakshi) said, “Akasamantha offers entertainment, emotion and education. If Bommarillu showcased the suffocated son due to over-protective father, this film shows how a genuinely caring father feels when his daughter does not realize it. Akasamantha will be a big film at box office.”

Music director Vidya Sagar said, “Me, Prakash Raj and Radha Mohan have been friends for over a decade. The father and daughter relationship is shown with subtle nuances in Aakasamantha film. I had gone through similar emotions in my personal life too as I have daughters. Dil Raju is a passionate producer and he deftly handled the film. He added two fresh tunes for Telugu version.”

Prakash Raj said, “I am passionate about producing films on human relationships. I am good friends with Dil Raju and Radha Mohan for a long time. Radha Mohan has been my friend for 12 years. I like him as a person and his vision in visualizing certain things. He mastered the art of telling sorrows with humor. I knew Vidya Sagar for 14 years. He has excellent command over music and all the songs in this film are like extensions for situations. Dil Raju is not just a producer, he is a great friend. He calls me Anna and we share an affectionate bond.”

Producer Dil Raju said, “I was nervous about Aakasamantha as it’s 8th film in my banner. And number 8 is very dangerous in numerology. I am happy that I passed with flying colors this time too. In a place like Eluru, Aakasamantha was screened with 6 shows on day one. Aakasamantha is a small film that is poised to become a big hit.”

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