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Bindaas success meet
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February 11, 2010


Success meet of Manoj Manchu’s latest movie Bindaas was held at Rama Naidu studios on the night of 11 February. Manoj Manchu, Sheena, Anil Sunkara, Veera Potla, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Ahuti Prasad, Kasi Viswanath, Bharath, Sravan, Phani, Giridhar, Vennela Kishore, Madhavi, Marthand K Venkatesh, Krishna Maya, Nandu, Prakash, Sai, Sreehdar Reddy etc participated in it.

Mano Manchu said, “My debut film Donga Dongadi was launched at the same place in Rama Naidu studios. I am happy that success meet of Bindaas is also taking place at the same location. I will give the credit of the success to the director Veeru Potla. He extracted nice work from me. I told producer Anil Sunkara that he succeeded in his software profession and he will also make a mark as producer in films as well. I will talk more in 50 days and 100 days function of this movie.”

Paruchuri Venkateswa Rao said, “Veeru Potla is our protégé. His characterizations are good in the movie. I was in Palakollu during the release time and I was a bit tensed. I got the feedback that movie is good. I also saw happiness in Mohan Babu after coming to know that the movie is hit.”

Veeru Potla said, “I would like to thank many people who contributed to the success of this movie. Manoj Manchu has lot of confidence in my skills. I was little tensed in the beginning of the shoot as I was a writer and I didn’t have directorial experience. But the producer believed in me. Producer has good analysing skills. Manoj said that movie is going to be a hit after doing the first scene. Actress Sheena looks like a Telugu girl and she by-hearted the lines. We had fights in the movie very sparingly, but effectively. Bobo Sashi gave good music. I am indebted to my teachers Paruchuri brothers.”

Producer Anil Sunkara said, “Before the shoot, Mohan Babu said that he was entrusting his son by without listening to the story. I told him that I wouldn’t disappoint him. I stuck to my word by delivering a hit flick. Manoj Manchu introduced Veeru Potla to me. Though I had confidence about the movie earlier, the positive response in preview made think that it is going to be a blockbuster. Manoj started his acting career by doing scenes with NTR in Manoj Chandrakanth movie. He is a good actor and he is going to be a super star in the future.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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