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Success meet Kotha Bangaru Lokam
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October 17, 2008


The unit of Kotha Bangaru Lokam, a Dil Raju production on Sree Venkateswara Creations, today celebrated its Success Meet at Film Nagar Cultural Centre (FNCC), Hyderabad. The film released on October 9th is doing well all over the released centers in AP and US with a total of 45 prints respectively. The joyous occasion was graced by Dil Raju, director Srikanth Addala, Varun Sandesh, Swetha Prasad, Mickey J. Mayer, Chota K. Naidu, Jayasudha, Shailaja Reddy, Ramireddy (from Mahabubnagar), Rao Ramesh and some of the students who worked in KBL.

KBL unit feels kick of success: Dil Raju
Dil Raju said: “I thank the cast and crew of KBL and my special thanks to the audiences who made this film a big hit. For the first time, I see the kick of success in the faces of all my people. Some hundreds of audiences (my well-wishers or general audiences) have called me to congratulate. Importantly, some people elaborately talked about certain aspects in the film. They even took to discussions over the message being carried in the subject. They said they watched the film as a film without going into the analysis of it. We are happy that we could hit the target. At first, there was no confidence in the unit seeing the heroine. Some said that she didn’t look like a heroine at all. But, after the release, she did prove that she carries the film thoroughly on her characterization. My special thanks to Chota K. Naidu.”

Housefuls for all shows
Reeling out the statistics of the film’s collections in the first week, Dil Raju said: “The film released on October 9th. For the last nine days till date, the film ran houseful in the PVR in Hyderabad, and in Nellore. The outskirts theatre Eeshwar at Attapur too did all-shows full till date. The students say that they have watched the film for the fourth and fifth time.”

KBL broke monotony: Jayasudha
Jayasudha said: “This is my third film in the banner of Dil Raju. I think director Srikanth could have definitely culled out more from me in the specified role as mother, but for my health conditions during the shoot. Almost all the films in Telugu these days have the backdrop of love. Why this routine stuff? Though a love story again, KBL did break the monotony. The film has brought out a superb message as to how the parents should understand the problems of their children. The heroine, in fact, gave life to the film. Her smile has special attraction.”

Video piracy will make lives miserable: Srikanth Addala
Srikanth Addala said: “After giving this KBL to the audiences, I do feel a slight fright that I have to work even harder with even better standards for my next film. Now, I will tell you one happening. In my native place, there was a touring talkies. The person used to sell the tickets on a bicycle. I saw him doing his job for several years. But, one unfortunate day, the talkies was closed. Having lost his job, what would he do? This question pierced my mind for several years. I feel that in the absence of good films, most of the theatres in the villages and small towns are getting closed. This resulted in a number of families losing their livelihood. Imagine that a daily wager would lose his money and a salaried employee would lose his salary in a theft while going home. How miserable life would be for him at that moment? Same thing is applicable to the producers also. I sincerely appeal to the people doing video piracy to stop it. They should understand that a number of families are dependent on the commercial success of a film. For this, the film should run in the theatres. I feel that such people should not be punished. They should be made to realize their mistake. I also thank them for making this film a success (with piracy) (said in the lighter vein.)”

Never felt shy working for KBL: Swetha Prasad
Swetha Prasad said: “I am thrilled at the overwhelming response to KBL. The audiences really fell to the mannerism – Ekkada. I hope I have fulfilled the expectations of my director and producer. My mom is my best friend. I felt working with Dil Raju sir and Srikanth quite amazing. I never felt shy or difficult while doing my part. I thank Mickey for his fantastic music. Each and every song carries the film to the further extent.”

Thanks for okaying variations in my acting: Varun Sandesh
Varun Sandesh said: “There is a big contrast between my debut performance in Happy Days as one of the characters and as solo male character in KBL. The credit of this contrast goes 100% to Srikanth. He helped me a lot to come out with fine expressions. The youth are enjoying it greatly. There is 30% of sentiment factor in this film. I am thankful to the audiences for accepting the two variations on my part. Doing my role as intermediate student, I felt great. Indialo intermediate ilage intha great ga untundha? (Is Intermediate life so great in India like this?) My friends in US watched the film and were very happy with it.”

Rao Ramesh said: “I thank Dil Raju garu and Srikanth for the opportunity that I got with this film. Srikanth made me thorough with dialogues in the film. I generally like the scripts from Dil Raju and Rajamouli productions. As of KBL, I happen to meet the director at the temple of Lord Satyanarayanaswamy at Annavaram, where the script underwent development and finalization.”

Mickey J Mayer said: “Though I felt the pressure during Happy Days and Hey Ram, the stress I felt for KBL is different. It is like special education to me. My thanks to lyricist Vanamali. The film is a mix of young talent and senior artistes.”

Rajitha said: “Generally, my name goes with any other regular comedy streak. But, for the first time director Srikanth showed me as a new Rajitha. I am lucky. The audiences enjoyed my East Godavari slang very much. Dil Raju gave me this role, because he was impressed with my role in the film Parugu.”

Chinnikrishna, working with VV Vinayak in the direction department, (who played the role of warden in KBL) said: “I am happy to be working with Dil Raju gari production. I am a big fan of Jayasudha garu since my school days. I used to carry one cassette with the hit song in Premabhishekam and dance wherever there was a chance. That was the only job I did that time. I look forward to work in Sree Venkateswara Creations always.”

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