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Mitrudu success meet
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May 11, 2009


Success meet of Bala Krishna’s latest movie Mitrudu was held at a function organized in a conference hall of RK Cineplex. It is attended by Bala Krishna, Priyamani, Deepak, Chandra Mohan, Raghubabu, Balayya, Ranganath, Rajitha, Hema, Mahadevan and Krishna Prasad.

Chandra Mohan said that producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad is his nephew. And he feels happy because he produced several successful movies so far.

Director Mahadev said, “I narrated the story of the movie for 23 minutes and Bala Krishna liked it and accepted it. I would like to thank Krishna Prasad for introducing me as a director. There is a situation in the movie where Bala Krishna has to play with fire and he did it without any hesitation. This film gave me many unforgettable moments in my life.”

Priyamani said, “I saw this movie today only. I want to watch it again now. It is a clean family entertainer. There are powerful dialogues and action elements in this movie but only to the extent of the story demand. I want to act with Bala Krishna again.”

Bala Krishna said, “I did a different role in this movie. This banner is like my home production as I have done four films so far. Sivalenka Krishna Prasad makes only family oriented movies. Audiences always encourage good movies like Mitrudu. When producer sent me a new guy to narrate the story, I am impressed with Mahadev. He didn’t boast that the movie would create records. He also didn’t do usual praises like it is my best moment of life to meet you in person etc. Mahadev just narrated the story. I learned discipline and respecting producers from my father NTR. I learnt to stay away from sycophants from ANR. Mahadev narrated me the story without praising me. That’s why I liked him. This film is the result of whole team work. Mani Sharma composed good music. Ram Lakshman composed tough fights for me. Priyamani is a national award winning actress and she did really well. I underplayed my acting in this movie and realized how difficult it is to act like that. The story of the movie belongs to three generations. I would like to thank audiences for encouraging Mitrudu.”

Sivalenka Krishna Prasad said, “This is my fourth film with Bala Krishna. After my first movie, SPB suggested me to make films with big heroes. He also introduced me to Bala Krishna. Bala Krishna gave me dates immediately at that time. When Aditya 369 was released, it got good talk. But collections were poor. It picked up after the good talk spread in a week. Mitrudu is also an experimental film like Aditya 369. I am very much confident of the success of the movie.”

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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