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Success Meet - Pothuraju
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20th September 2004
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Kamal Hassan's Pothuraju was released on 17th September 2004 and has got good appreciation.

Hero Kamal Hassan graced the success meet of his latest film 'Pothuraju' which was held at Grand Kakatiya Hotel in Hyderabad. This success meet is attended by VV Vinayak, RP Patnaik, Rajendra Kumar (dialogue writer), Jhansi, Vennelakanti and Subramanyam (producer).

Thanks to SP Bala Subramanyam - Jhansi
Jhansi dubbed the voice of heroine (Abhirami) in this film. She said that it was SP Bala Subramanyam who recognized the talent in her and made her dub the voice of Jyothika in Tenali film. SPB recommended Jhansi for Pothuraju again. She conveyed her gratitude to SPB and Vennelakanti on this occasion.

It needs creativity for writing dubbing films - Vennelakanti
Dialogue writer Vennelakanti said that there is lot of misconception about dubbing film writers that all they do is to translate dialogues from the original. Vennelakanti explained how a dubbing dialogue writer uses his creativity by narrating a scene from 'Bhamane Satyabhamane'. He used Venkatagiri dialect in Pothuraju to suit Madhurai dialect in Virumandi. He thanked Kamal Hassan for entrusting with dialogues work for all his films.

Kamal Hassan is inspiring director - VV Vinayak
Director VV Vinayak said that he saw Virumandi film on 2nd day of its release in Kerala's Karaikudi while shooting for Samba film. He thanked Kamal Hassan for inspiring him as a director through Virumandi.

Kamal Hassan:
Kamal Hassan declared that Virumandi bagged the best film award in Asian Film Festival organized in Korea. He said that he is planning to direct another film with the encouragement given by public and critics. However, he felt that the appreciation given by public is much more satisfactory than any award that is decided by a panel of 12 people. Kamal Hassan used 'none the less' phrase to explain that there are two versions to the truth and he used those two versions in Pothuraju film to narrate the story.

Kamal Hassan termed Bala Chandar, Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and K Viswanadh as his gurus as he learnt a lot about screenplay and direction by observing them. Kamal Hassan stated that 'Sagarasangamam' has the best ever screenplay. He opined that Pasupathi did a fabulous job as an artist. He thanked his team members for working with lot of intensity just like how school children work for school drama. Kamal Hassan termed himself as an amateurish. He felt that by becoming professional one would lose the charm of learning, hence he would like to remain as an amateurish actor/director.

He gave the credit of success to Vennelakanti and SP Bala Subramanyam. And he treated SP Balasubramanyam and Ilayaraja in high esteem by quoting that he has four brothers - Charu Hassan, Chandra Hassan, SP Bala Subramanyam and Ilayaraja.

Concluding his speech, Kamal Hassan pleaded Telugu film lovers to encourage good films like Pothuraju so that many more good movies would be made in Telugu in future.

RP Patnaik and Rajendra Kumar also spoke regarding Pothuraju.

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