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Raksha success meet
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September 28, 2008


A byname for sensation Ramgopal Varma today participated in the success meet of Raksha, his latest presentation on black magic. The function was held at Poison pub, Hyderabad. Jagapati Babu, Vamsikrishna Akella (Director), Azam Khan (producer), Subbaraju (actor), Baby Neha (title role) and Athulith (Raksha's screen brother) were present at the event.

RGV praise for Raksha team
Ramgopal Varma said: "Actually my brother-in-law Subbaraju (executive proudcer) sent Vamsi to me as assistant director for Phoonk and that time I had no intention to make it in Telugu. I was damn impressed with the passion in Vamsi. Then I sent him to Jagapati Babu to narrate the script for Telugu. I made it clear to Jagapati Babu that he should listen to the subject of Vamsi without looking into my angle. Vamsi didn't like Phoonk, but I liked Raksha. See, the power of his perception. I appreciate Neha, the girl who played the role of Raksha. It is highly traumatic for such a small girl to enact a role with great intensity, even as the adult would drift away from such characterization. I also congratulate those who designed the publicity posters, which helped luring the crowds the theatres. Though my friend Azam Khan doesn't know Telugu, he came forward to produce it for the sole reason that he trusted me."

Rs. 20 lakh offer to his challengers
Replying to a question, RGV hit back the challenge of Jana Vignana Vedika, which sought RGV to prove the authenticity of black magic (chethabadi). To note here, the forum did throw a bet that it would give Rs. 10 lakh to Varma if he proved it. In this context, Varma said: "I will give Rs. 20 lakh to those who challenged me, if they could tell me how to prove it," with a lot of sarcasm in his words. To another question, he said: "I seek ban on those who want ban on my films."

Jagapati Babu said: "Though the film is presented as a horror film, I am happy to see that family audiences, mostly the women and even kids, are coming to watch the film. I am also happy to be working in RGV presentation."

Vamsi Akella said: "When the film got released, everybody looked at it as a horror film. But, as the film progressed, the audience experienced the feeling of family sentiment. Now, the feeling of devotion is felt in the theatres at the climax. I request the audience to see the film in these three angles – horror, family sentiment and devotion."

Subbaraju (actor) said: "As there are nine rasas in fine arts, say films, we have mostly seen the features of happiness, comedy, romance and such like. Now, the audiences have come forward to experience the Bhayanaka rasam. It's a welcome trend."

Azam Khan said: "This is my third film. The first was Tingya in Marathi (a successful and award winning film); second was Phoonk in Bollywood; and this Raksha in Telugu. I am happy to be working with Ramgopal Varma."

Neha and Athulith, child artistes, said they were happy to work with Ramgopal Varma. They also thanked all those who trained them for the film.

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