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Siddham success meet
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February 16, 2009


Success meet of Jagapati Babu’s latest film Siddham was held at producer’s office on 16 February.

Speaking on the occasion Jagapati Babu said, “Siddham is a prestigious film for us as we intend to make a natural and good cinema. It is generating good collections in the bad season as well. It is a good relief to the movie lovers as Siddham does neither have songs nor has a comedy track. There is inbuilt humor in the dialogues and people are enjoying them well. The cops who have seen this film are impressed the way cops are shown in the real positive light. I am waiting for Ram Gopal Varma to watch this film and comment about it as he gave the story of Siddham. We didn’t make this film for money, but for the satisfaction of doing a responsible film.”

Film director JD Chakri said, “I feel the success of this film as a great achievement because movie lovers are appreciating a film that is made by breaking all rules and conventions. People love extraordinary humor and racy pace of the film. Dil Raju complimented us that Siddham is having both good talk and nice collections. Jagapati Babu is superb in the film. Producer Kiran accepted to produce such a different film and successfully released it as per the schedule. Audiences are getting so much involved in the film that they are not attending phone calls when the cell phone rings.”

Producer Kiran Kumar Koneru said, “Lots of people told me that releasing this film on 12 February is a suicidal decision. But I released it because people are curious to see the film because of the response generated through trailers. The response to the movie is loud and clear now. I am proud of our Siddham team.”

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