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Suhani at Big C Lucky Draw launch
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June 10, 2008


Budding actress Suhani (child artiste of Manasantha Nuvve turned heroine of Sawal) today was the chief guest at a Big C (retail sellers of multi-brand mobile) arranged programme to announce the winners of its Rs. 1 Crore lucky draw, at their office in Hyderabad. Launched last month, the Big C offers this exclusive offer till September 6th. As per the scheme, the ultimate winner can bag a Mercedes Benz. The preliminary slot of the draw was taken out by the actress, who praised the company for its customer-friendly schemes.

Later, talking to the media, Suhani said: "I find my career going great in Tollywood. Though I was popular as a child artiste with Tuniga Tuniga song years ago, now the audiences recognize me as heroine with the film Sawal." Replying to questions, she said that she is currently engaged to two projects – Krushi and Srisailam (a Srihari film). The film Krushi has a social message in it, with stress laid on the importance of education. Srisailam is a commercial entertainer, where I have a very good footage.

The actress took light of the question when asked whether she entered the film industry as heroine so early. "No, I am now 17 years and my age is perfectly fit to play the heroine just like any other heroine." She said she was a great movie buff and liked all kinds of films.

Mother's love for Suhani
Her mother told Idlebrain that Suhani was her lucky child. "My daughter is focusing much on studies. She is now doing her second year B.Com, by skipping intermediate. We got special permission from the present day college management for Suhani's shooting schedules. They are very cooperative. I myself teach her the lessons of real life." When asked whether she was satisfied with the remuneration being paid to her actress-daughter, she looked attentive to say: "Not really. But, you know, she is a beginner and her time will come."

Mishap behind scar in the rear
Suhani was in her eighth class. It is related to a very big scar on the rear of the heroine's forearm. "It all happened when Suhani was a child. The car door was closed without seeing the child's arm jetting out. The tender skin and muscle got pressed hard and a metal wire pierced through the forearm. We were lucky, the girl got well soon. She looks very beautiful now. That's why I call her my lucky child."

Why didn't Kajal attend?
Earlier, it was announced that actress Kajal, the company's brand ambassador, would be visiting the office to take out the draw. Later, it was said that Suhani and Smitha (pop singer) would be arriving. At last, it was the lone actress Suhani. Kajal is said to be engaged to hectic schedule of her latest film with Ramcharan in Rajamouli direction.

Photo Gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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