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Press Meet: Swarabhishekam
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14th July 2005
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K Viswanath's Swarabhishekam was selected as the best regional Telugu film by National Film Awards Committee. Music director Vidya Sagar is adjusted as the best music director at national level through his music in Swarabhishekam film. The unit of Swarabhishekam arranged a press meet at Film Nagar Clus to celebrate this occasion.

Director K Viswanath said, "The commercial success of any film is not in my hands. It might become a hit or a flop. It is mystery to me. I tell my producers before signing the film that the commercial success is not in my hands, but I would give them a film that would make them proud. Producers Kousalyendra Rao and Hari Gopala Krishna asked me to make a film that would remain as milestone in the history of Telugu cinema. All the artists worked very passionately for this film. Vidya Sagar has given a great music. I am feeling proud that our Telugu man Vidya Sagar got a national award through Swarabhishekam."

Producer Kousalyendra Rao said, "We want to produce a great film and that is the reason why we approached K Viswanath. He gave us a great film. We are very happy as Swarabhishekam got national award as best Telugu film though we did not get any monitory returns on this film."

Actor Srikanth said, "I got the best supporting actor award from Filmfare for my work in Shankar Dada MBBS. I am feeling really happy for Swarabhishekam getting best regional Telugu film award as I acted in it"

Actor Sivaji said, "I am happy that my film Missamma won Nandi award last year and this year we got national award for Swarabhishekam."

Actor Naresh Said, "K Viswanath has given me a great role in Sruthi Layalu and he again another good role in Swarabhishekam. Vidya Sagar has provided nice music. The picturization of train episode is heart-touching."

Ramesh - Gopi (writers), Pardha Saradhi (singer), Sunitha (singer) and Venkateswara Rao (editor) also spoke during this event.

Photo Gallery (Photos by G Narasaiah)
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