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Title Announcement - Kanchanamala cable TV (c/o Juvvala palem)
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25th April 2005
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Ramya Movies
Kanchanamala Cable TV
c/o Juvvalapalem

Cast: Srikanth, Lakshmi Roy, Sunil, Sivaji Raja, MS Narayana, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Krishna Bhagawan, Kondavlasa, raghu Babu, Ganesh, Sarika Ramachandra rao, Kaikala satyanarayana, Rama Lakshmanulu, Harika, reeti, Annapurna, Lavanya, Deepanjali, Subhashini, Manoja & Rajitha

Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Lyrics: Veturi
Music: KM Radha Krishnan
Cinematography: Poorna
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Art: DY Satyanarayana

Presents: PVVSN Murthy
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Pardha sarathi
Producers: Potluri Satyanarayana (Tammudu Satyam) & KV Krishna Rao

Ramya Movies production number one starring Srikanth and Lakshmi Roy is titled as Kanchana Mala Cable TV (c/o Juvvalapalem). The unit of Ramya Movies invited press to announce the same. Kaikala Satyanarayana announced the title and said that this film is a comedy film. 90% of this film was shot at Koduru near Palakollu. Satyanarayana is playing the role of a retired judge.

Director Pardha Sarathi said that he worked as assistant to directors like Mohan Gandhi and Seenu Vytl in the past and this film his first film. This film has village backdrop and comedy oriented. There would be two comedy batches led by Sivaji Raja and Sunil each. KM Radha Krishnan is providing music.

Hero Srikanth said that he is impressed by the new point in story. This film is a total entertainer of a cable TV man. This film also shows cable TV in positive light and tells us how cable TV helps villagers.

Sunil said that they improvised a lot get the comedy timing right in this film. The situational comedy would appear very natural in this film, according to Sunil.

Heroine Lakshmi Roy said that she is basically from Karnataka and she expressed happiness over woking for this film.

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